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August’s commitment is to design products and services that let everyday people monitor and manage entry into their homes from wherever they are. They have designed a thoughtful system of products and services that equally delight and comfort.

August unveiled their first smart lock in 2013, leading the path for more advanced solutions such as the Doorbell Cam in 2015. In 2017 they created the first smart lock to support unlocking with a voice command using Alexa-enabled devices. Since then, August has led the market with over 1 Million users.

August has also established partnerships that make it possible for their customers to come home from work and find a sparkling clean house, the pantry stocked, the dog walked, the laundry done, and that pesky leak under the kitchen sink finally fixed. August’s goal is to help make life simpler and more secure.


August managed their clients by implementing Desk as their CRM tool, and they were also using a QA software that solved simple processes, but didn’t offer them a wide range of services and still represented a significant expense.

Since their QA process was already automated and running, August was considering tools that could offer more than just QA. They were looking for integral processes, such as:

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  • the ability to coach agents en masse from the reports to save time
  • built-in collaboration features within Scorecards
  • a built-in recognition system to motivate agents, reinforcing good behaviors
  • the ability for team leaders to identify highest priority quality issues
  • the ability to train and continually develop skills among their service team members using an integrated learning application on the same quality platform.


Playvox not only offered a more complete QA tool, but also integrated the additional processes that would enrich August’s Service Teams’ deployment and development.

Results were evident shortly after beginning to use Playvox:

  • having a more effective QA tool helped August increase their monthly average evaluations by 350% (495 monthly evaluations)
  • they achieved an 86.2% monthly overall QA score
  • integration impacted results as well as processes, helping them to reach an average of 15 agent evaluations per month
  • with 15 scorecards, August has been able to offer a more dynamic, functional, and powerful feedback process in which agents have found a collaborative working environment
  • coaching agents en masse has facilitated the completion of 72 coaching sessions with 100% satisfaction (Playvox’s Coaching Feature)
  • team members have spent nearly 800 hours in training, with 20 customized learning courses, reaching an average session grade of 88.69%, contributing to continuous service team development and improved results (Playvox’s Learning Feature).
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