24x7 Customer Service Performance Optimization: Constantly Monitor, Measure, Recognize & Reward Quality

24×7 Customer Service Performance Optimization: Constantly Monitor, Measure, Recognize & Reward Quality

Quality assurance is the name of the game in the customer service world. You must always be monitoring your agents to ensure they are delivering the right service levels to your customers. This is no surprise to anyone in the contact center industry.

According to the Temkin Group, “Companies that invest in customer experience can earn an additional 70% within 3 years.” This makes sense as “Consumers are willing to spend 17% more with a company that has outstanding customer service.”

However, “monitoring” agent performance is not where a business’s quality assurance efforts should stop. Many organizations today do, however. They merely monitor agent-customer interactions and provide feedback to the agents. This helps, but in today’s uber-competitive landscape, it is simply not enough.

Businesses must now do even more. They need to monitor, measure, recognize and reward quality performance. A holistic approach to quality that encompasses all these elements, is the new way forward.

A Comprehensive Approach to Quality Assurance

The quality assurance process ought to transcend everything your customer service organization does.

What this translates to for most businesses is the concept of augmenting and expanding their current quality assurance program beyond simple monitoring to include the following:

  • Monitor – Capture, store and review all customer interactions (calls, emails, chats…) and review them with agents to identify strengths and weaknesses24x7-Performance-Optimization--Constantly-Monitor,-Measure,-Recognize-&-Reward-Quality3
  • Measure – Calculate quality scores using scorecards and measure the agent’s performance against other team members. Once additional training content is assigned, continue to measure the agent’s progress toward skills improvement.
  • Recognize – Publicly recognize your agents among their team or the entire organization for their quality performance. This can take place offline with a simple note or online through your intranet or agent social community wall.
  • Reward – Further inspire your agents by incentivizing them with gifts, badges and perks – such as an additional break, a paid day off, working in an office for the day, etc.
Institute a “Quality” Culture

Once your organization has adopted a comprehensive quality assurance program, you will start to see the culture of your entire customer service team evolve into one focused heavily on quality performance. Team leaders will concentrate more heavily on quality assurance metrics and agent improvement progress, while agents will be more mindful of their performance prior to, during and following their interactions.

Quality assurance will be talked about during team and staff meetings. Agents will compare their quality scores with their peers, as will team leaders. All prospective hires in their interview should be asked the question, “What does quality assurance mean to you?”.

To further solidify your contact center’s commitment to quality assurance, you can even redefine your customer service department’s goals, values and mission statement.

Employing a robust quality assurance program consisting of all these elements will ensure that quality is always being monitored, measured, recognized and rewarded. Achieving this level of commitment to quality assurance will become a competitive advantage and you will see both agent and customer satisfaction rates increase. This is a win-win scenario for everyone and one you cannot afford to overlook.

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