3 Ways Automated Software Can Boost Call Center Quality Assurance

3 Ways Automated Software Can Boost Call Center Quality Assurance

Gone are the days when using spreadsheets in your call center was the way to run operations across teams. In order to keep up with demanding customers, we must track, record, and analyze huge amounts of data in order to customize every single client experience.

One way to do this is to spend a large amount of money searching for and hiring talented people across the scope. But a surer and more efficient way to up your call center quality assurance process is to find the right automated software for your organization.
Automated software can boost your call center quality assurance process in different ways. Depending on the software you opt for, you will be able to manage more transactions, offer unified and quality customer service, better track and record customer data as well as quickly analyze trends in order to improve the customer service experience.
If you’re wondering if automated software is worth it and if it can really boost your call center quality assurance processes, below we will discuss the potential benefits you can read from a well-implemented software program.
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Efficiently and objectively monitor calls

Call center quality analysts and managers are quickly being replaced by software. Nowadays, you’ll find software that can efficiently record and transcribe calls, and analyze agent interaction based on rule automation and keywords.
This means that you’ll be able to set alerts for keywords which are exchanged during agent and customer interactions. In other words, you’ll be able to check if agents are adhering to scorecards, saying what they’re supposed to and ensure overall compliance guidelines are being met without having the need of someone monotonously listening in on the entire call.
More complex software will not only be able to pick up  keywords, but also analyze interactions and spot trends through voice recognition.
Let’s say a customer was raging over the phone or if an agent shared information or said something they were not supposed to. Instead of having to wait for the quality team to pick up on the matter, alerts can be set up to inform superiors immediately without the need to wait weeks or months for feedback. This would allow call centers to rectify on the spot before they see a dip in quality levels.

Improve agent productivity

There are various ways in which agents can also benefit from the automated software for your call center quality process.
To save agents valuable time and maximize your customer service, IVR could be used to redirect the right customer to the right agent so there would be less transferring and fewer calls getting dropped.
You’ll also find software for your call center quality to centralize all your data so agents can find all the information they need to answer customer questions at the tip of their fingers. No more putting clients on hold while they check with their superior.
And of course, through the use of a good CRM, you’ll gain thorough knowledge and insights into your customers’ history so you can see all past calls, texts, social media posts, emails and more. Being able to see a customer’s history with your organization allows agents to better tailor their approach for a more personalized service.

Reduce repeated calls

Let agents add real added value to your call center and use software to handle the repetitive and administrative tasks that can save your agents hours of work.
Software such as an Integrated Ask Expert can provide automated responses for the standard customer requests your agents usually deal with. Depending on the sector, this could be providing clients with bank statement information, changing the billing addresses, providing order statuses, etc.
Handover the repetitive job to the machines and challenge agents to handle cases that are more out of the ordinary.

When done right, automated software can empower agents and eliminate human error within your call center. Better monitor your frontline customer support and gain faster and deeper knowledge of your customers. As the software is usually rule based,  as long as it is configured correctly, you’ll be able to up your call center game exponentially.
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