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31 Empathy Statements to Improve Your Customer Service Today

Words are important. Keywords and phrases are how we show that we are listening and that we want to help, especially those rooted in empathy.

Saying the right phrase or words to a customer shows you are empathetic to the customer’s needs. In addition, saying the right words also can soothe an angry customer and allow the agent more time to proceed with the business at hand.

31 Empathy Statements to Improve Your Customer Service Today_1

Practice makes perfect with the way we speak and express ourselves. While practicing empathy should be a daily priority, it can be difficult for some agents to master. For those who struggle to display empathy naturally, learning empathetic statements and employing them in customer service interactions can make all the difference. Ultimately, personalized customer service makes for happier customers. 

Here are 31 powerful empathy statements you can use in your customer service operations today:

31 Empathy Statements to Improve Your Customer Service Today empathy statements

Make the Customer Feel Valued

1. I see you’ve been with [Company Name] for X years. That’s a long time.

2. I appreciate your patience.

3. Thank you for remaining so positive.

4. Your business means a lot to us.

5. I’m sorry you’ve had to deal with this…

6. I want to thank you for taking the time to speak with me today

Put Yourself in their Shoes

7. I would feel X too in that situation

8. That would frustrate me, too.

9. I would be asking the same questions as you are.

10. You’re right.

11. I would come to the same conclusion.

31 Empathy Statements to Improve Your Customer Service Today empathy statements

Suggest and Offer

12. Personally, I would recommend you to…

13. Would you like to try our new X?

14. You can consider X.

15. You might find X helpful.

16. I think you’ll find it’s much easier if you do X.

Ask More Questions

17. What can I do to make your experience with us better?

18. What would be the best-case scenario for you?

19. Is there anything else, big or small, that I can help you with today?

20. How do you feel about X?

21. Are your X needs being met with our product/service?

Slow Down and Paraphrase

22. If I’m understanding you correctly…

23. So what you’re saying is…

24. Did you mean to tell me X?

25. Let me know if I’m getting the story right…

26. What you’re saying is…

Use a Casual Tone

27. Thanks for waiting this out.

28. I’d love to help you with that.

29. Give me just a minute/second while I figure this out for you.

30. That’s awesome/great!

31. I can fix that.

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