4 Non-Monetary Ways to Boost Agent Performance in Your Call Center

4 Non-Monetary Ways to Boost Agent Performance in Your Call Center

If you’re focused on bettering customer service within your call center, the first thing you should look to boost is agent performance. 

Why? Because agent performance directly impacts customer satisfaction and sales. Because they are the foundation and most important asset of your company. Not to mention they are the ones in constant communication with your customers and the voice of your brand to the outside world.


If you think getting your agents to work more hours and longer shifts to meet demand and keep customers satisfied will boost the overall performance of your call center, think again. It might temporarily boost overall performance, but will do much more harm than good over the long term. 


By doing so, it will not only lower employee morale, but might likely decrease the quality of the call center service due to an increase of turnover and unhappy workforce.


But don’t despair, there are many other non-monetary ways to optimize and boost agent performance that can be more insightful and go beyond teddy bears and gift cards.  Tools that can actually increase the quality of your customer service and overall client satisfaction in the long run without being expensive.


Here are 4 non-monetary ways to boost agent performance in your call center. 

1. Appreciate your staff

As we said, employees are a vital company asset. Take the time to know and meet them individually. Show them you care and you’re there should they need anything. Don’t be the boss that meets their employee for the first time because they did something wrong.


Let your agents know that they are important. Do they have pets they care about? A cool hobby? Do you even know their first name? Take note of their birthdays and recognize their achievements. 

Do you have an MVP system or a public recognition system so that their coworkers can applaud them? Although these seem to be small gestures, simply being human goes a long way.


2. Have some friendly competition

You are already tracking your agents’ performance through specific relevant KPIs. But what if you took these KPIs a step further? Imagine if each agent could share and compare their individual results against their coworkers? Not only could they see where they stand, but the visibility would also drive performance and motivation. 

Setting up such transparent dashboards benefits not only agents but managers as well, giving you a better overview of your teams’ efforts. This system could easily let you recognize top performers and coach those who need it. 

At PlayVox, we make this crystal clear with our performance tool, built in a competitive fashion by displaying top to bottom performers. Our performance tool is one of our software highlights, allowing you to create user friendly dashboards. Using the performance tool, you can set up your teams’ specific KPI’s and evaluate agents progress accordingly. Not only can your team see how they are doing, but you will be able to get a better overview and reward and help those who need it most.


3. Ongoing Feedback

Whether positive or negative, feedback is the most useful piece of information an agent can get. When done properly, feedback can serve as constructive criticism and highlight weaknesses and strengths so that the agent can improve on their performance.

Such information can motivate employees to perform better and encourage those who are already doing a good job. 

What methods are you using to provide feedback and how often? Face-to-face monthly sessions?  Wouldn’t it be easier to have an automated real-time tool where team leaders shared feedback directly tied to performance? This would let agents know how they are doing on an ongoing basis without having a surprise feedback at the end of the month and allows agent to improve performance on the spot. Check out our demo to see how we can assist you with realtime coaching tools.


4. Use the right tools



In a workforce of constant change and decentralization, it’s especially important to reduce siloed performance management tools into one unified platform, bringing consistency of communication across all teams. 

By having a collaborative platform, work-at-home employees are able to engage with each other and managers are able to effectively and easily communicate with their teams all in a single space. 

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Making your agent feel like they are part of the family is a great way to drive engagement and boost agent performance in your call center. 


You see, there are other alternatives to driving performance which don’t involve salary raises and bonuses. By having the right tools and bringing a human touch to the workplace, agents are much more likely to feel engaged and appreciated. And that’s key because a happy employee is a productive employee. Who wouldn’t want that?


Are you already using a software such as Zendesk, Salesforce or Five9 to run your call center operations and customer service? No worries! If you’re looking for a boost, Playvox can easily be adapted and integrated with your existing software helping your call center drive consistency across channels to improve your bottom line. 

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