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5 secrets to find Hidden Talent in your work team

Guest post written by: Juan Manuel Garrido
As societies develop, opportunities for higher education increase and problems related to the shortage of trained personnel drop significantly. When desk clerks and taxis with a bachelors begin to proliferate, we can be sure that the problem has reversed and now, we’re sinning with over-qualification.

Unfortunately, employee over-qualification doesn’t lie in inherent under-utilization, but that people in such circumstances get bored, frustrated and of course, aren’t working with enthusiasm. These problems not only arise in the extreme examples above, but in work conditions much closer to employee potential, and that without being aware of it, may be the case.

With or without a post-graduate degree, there are many employees that exist who feel overwhelmed by repetitive work and a lack of creativity.


Are we really sure that the role in question couldn’t bring more value if the person had more freedom to be creative?

Would we have avoided boredom and interacted promptly with each of the members by using a tool like Playvox?

Would it not otherwise be possible to achieve a greater sense of accomplishment in our employees by encouraging their talents?

Well, let’s take a look at some easy to implement secrets that will change the way you look at things when searching for talent within your own company.

Don’t totally deny crazy ideas

Put them on the back burner, you could find that they will come in handy if things change.

When someone in our team proposes something, it’s natural to use overwhelming logic to reject it (and even do it many times with a bit of authoritarianism). This will inevitably lead us to lose great ideas, as the team will tend to not risk having their suggestions rejected again.

Get to know your people better

Your employees knowledge can give you the tools to discover their hidden talents. For example, if you find out that one of the team members is used to writing stories or dramas, you would want to encourage writing activities when necessary.

In another case, an employee could surprise you with guitar talent, well, then you could have more support at meetings. Moreover, employee skills are an opportunity to take advantage of, either within your department or with another company. Remember that even if you lose an employee you have won an ally.

Let your employees take on new challenges

Without having to risk a procedure or embarking on a compromising investment, it’s possible to accept a provisionally proposal.

If it doesn’t work, you haven’t lost anything. If you do it, you’ve improved your team’s performance.

When someone on your team proposes a challenge you consider feasible, give them the responsibility

If an employee has the freedom to act, it will give them much more confidence to make the project flourish.

Try to work side by side with your team

It’s the best way to know their abilities, their desire to succeed, and also, provide opportunities for their development.

Remember that someone who is happy with their work will always be better than someone who isn’t, even if they are paid double.

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