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5 Ways to Make Your Customer Service Team’s Coaching More Engaging

Never underestimate just how important engagement is when building a team of customer-service superstars.

If you have no idea how engaged your agents are, we’ve got some bad news: it’s likely some of them aren’t engaged at all, as with nearly 70 percent of American workers. And that’s a huge shame when you consider employees with higher rates of engagement tend to be more productive (with an average increase of 17 percent), happier and loyal.

But one area engagement really makes a difference is coaching. You can’t expect your customer service (CS) agents to absorb any of the good advice your team leaders give them if they just don’t care about it, can you?

Let’s take a look at 5 ways to make your customer service team’s coaching more engaging, starting with …


#1. Get Interactive with Quizzes

Everyone loves a quiz. Even if you’re not too good at them, there’s something inherently fun and distracting about trying to get as many questions right as you can — especially if you throw a touch of competitiveness into the mix too.

Well, quizzes can play a part in engaging coaching too. How? By testing agents’ knowledge of products, services or standard processes (the choice is yours). Create quizzes touching on any topics agents have been coached on to determine how successful sessions have been.

This is an effective complement to reviewing performance results, giving you an insight into lessons learned. You can use quizzes to assess the value of targeted training too, which works wonders alongside CS coaching.


#2. Take Advantage of Video

Notice how many businesses bombard you with videos on their websites and while you’re scrolling through your social feeds?

There’s a good reason for that — our minds respond well to videos as they combine visuals and audio (assuming there’s sound, of course), which hold our attention more effectively than text alone. Basically, there’s more sensory input for the mind to engage with.

And it’s more likely your customer service agents will retain the information they’re given with engaging coaching videos, as the average person remembers 95 percent of a message conveyed through this format but only 10 percent with text.

So, consider adding videos to your CS coaching sessions from now on. You might want to create your own in-house, find ones online (YouTube is packed with coaching videos) or have them created by professionals. However you do it, make sure they’re relevant to agents’ needs and goals.



#3. Use Images Liberally

As with videos, images are a powerful resource when building engaging coaching sessions for your customer service agents.

Why? Amazingly, the human brain actually processes images 60,000 times more quickly than text. That means any vital information you want to convey to agents during CS coaching is best conveyed within a video or image, using visual storytelling of some kind.

For example, you may want to add infographics combining images and text to make an impact (again, you could make these in-house or source them from elsewhere). But don’t just rely on any old image — the more eye-catching, the better.


#4. Include Recordings for Authenticity

CS coaching is about providing much-needed support, encouragement and motivation to succeed. For customer service agents, coaching sessions create opportunities to accomplish personal and / or professional goals.

The coach should highlight issues they’ve noticed (usually prompted by data from a quality assurance evaluation) and address how they can be overcome. Recordings from customer interactions are an ideal resource for this: just by playing a clip of a phone call, even if it’s only, say, 30 seconds long, the agent will recognize what they’re doing wrong more easily than through words alone.

But audio additions to coaching sessions don’t have to just be recordings of interactions. They could be taken from a motivational speech or a training-based podcast — anything with the potential to educate, inspire and empower the agent to improve.


#5. Recognize Achievements and Offer Rewards

Creating engaging coaching sessions takes time and effort. This is a learning process for team leaders as much as for the agents themselves: they’ll get better at coaching others over time as they discover which techniques work and which don’t.

But one aspect of CS coaching that should be implemented from the start is recognition.

Providing customer service agents with visible appreciation for their hard work and congratulating them for completing goals is a terrific way to ensure more engaging coaching. Our QA software offers the tools to assign recognition badges to agents based on their performance, letting them show off in front of their colleagues.

This inspires some healthy competition and encourages others to do the same — or even go one better. You can customize recognition badges to look a specific way, whether to suit your business or just to make them more visually interesting. Each badge has its own points value too.

What does this mean? Our Karma Points can be awarded to employees for completing tasks and hitting targets in different amounts, while badges also contribute to agents’ totals. All points may be redeemed in the Karma Store in exchange for a reward (gift cards, gadgets, clothes, tickets to a gig etc.).

Recognition and rewards lead to more engaging coaching overall, offering workers a stronger incentive to absorb advice and accomplish goals on time. These are easy to set up and implement, for customer service teams of all sizes.



These 5 ways to make your customer service team’s coaching more engaging can transform your agents’ performance over time.

Adding various types of media keeps coaching sessions fresh, exciting and interactive, but don’t send the same content to every agent. Take the time to create tailored coaching sessions for employees with different strengths and weaknesses. This means the material is more likely to speak to them and achieve the right results.

Our LMS is designed to make managing your CS coaching process fast, easy and intuitive. What effective techniques have you discovered to help engage workers through coaching? Do you have any tips of your own? Let us know!

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