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6 Customer Service Website Tools For Companies Looking To Scale Fast


If you have a business, then you probably have a website. And if you have a website, it’s most likely to promote your service or product online.


Nowadays, the choice of customer service website tools are endless. Between software, add-ons, integrations and plugins that are user-friendly and easy to install, you have no excuse not to be making the most of your website and offering top-notch service.

Regardless of your industry, if you are a company looking to expand and scale fast, here are some must-have customer service website tools to take it to the next level.

Customer Service Tools Your Website Must Have to scale fast

1. Customer support and ticket system

If your team of customer support receives more inquiries than they can handle in a timely manner, you might want to consider a ticketing system.

A ticketing system would put all your customer support interactions in one place, whether your clients are reaching out to you by email, social media or live chat. You can centralize customer contact and provide quality and timely support.

If you’re looking to integrate this type of customer service website software, Zendesk gives you everything you need to manage customers interactions in one place.

2. Customer relationship management

A Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system helps you create personalized interactions every time.

A CRM essentially stores customer demographics, touchpoints, past interactions and other client info so you can improve your existing relationships.

Having access to so much client insights also allows you to better understand your customers so you can target your marketing strategies and stay one step ahead by anticipating customer needs.

If you’re looking for a CRM, Salesforce is a great option, offering Customer Relationship Management software so you can create personalized customer interactions and increase your sales.

3. Live Chat

Live chat is an absolute must-have customer service website tool. Online visitors and customers are used to technology that simplifies their buying process. Guest checkout and express payments are all tools to close a lead into a customer faster.

Livechat fits in the same category. It’s not only for visitors who don’t want to look for the answer themselves and instead prefer personal assistance.

Providing a live chat tool could be the difference between making a sale or not. Offering live chat helps website visitors turn from lead to customer much faster. Live chat allows you to address any questions a potential client might have so they can continue on their customer journey without interruptions.

This doesn’t mean that you should entirely forgo having a forum or FAQ, which are still vital to providing information for those customers who prefer to find the answers on their own.

For a fully embedded live chat tool for your website, we recommend LiveChat. Fast and easy to use, now you can provide a live chat solution for your website for desktop and mobile platforms.

4. Mailing system

Email is definitely not dead and is still a powerful customer service website tool.

Customer service is not just about being responsive, but also about being proactive and maintaining relationships by keeping those interested in the loop and updating them of any company news or promotions, you may have.

Email is also very useful for visitors who haven’t converted the first time around. It allows you to stay top of mind by telling them the story of your brand, giving them more information about your products, and letting them know when you have a sale.

Using email to reach out to your customers has evolved to much more than sending a single email to all your subscribers.

With all the amazing email software available, now you can divide your subscriber list according to past interactions and engagement so you can send more targeted emails. If you are undecided about which subject or email to send, try A/B testing to see which email subject line or content receives the best open rate or click through rates.

And depending on your email strategy, you can send a one-off email or trigger a chain of emails spread out over a certain amount of time to hook your subscriber and close sales faster.

Our top recommendation for email software is Intercom. Intercom allows you to Segment messages and users, send the right message to the right person, optimize your messages. what more could you want?

5. A Call Center in the Cloud

If you’re starting to get some heavy duty calls and want to establish yourself as a big deal, setting up a small call center may be the customer service website tool you’re looking for. Putting a call center in place doesn’t mean hiring a third party.

You can get the software yourself and hire the people you need separately.

Doing so gives your more control and saves you money in the long term.

Using call center software also allows you to see staff performance instead of hiring a third party.

You do however, you will need the staff availability to coordinate this new area of your organization.

If call center software if the right solution for you, Five 9 is a competitive call center software that harnesses the speed and flexibility of the cloud.

6. Quality Assurance software

Quality assurance is a term well known by companies looking to scale fast. A huge challenge when growing company is maintaining quality customer service. As you expand and more people get on board, providing a uniform and consistent service can be challenging.

If you are experiencing these kinds of growing pains, then quality assurance software may be just the solution you need.

A quality assurance software such as Playvox allows you to create objective scorecards to rate customer interactions and coach or reward agents performance all from the same platform.

Forget trying to measure your team’s performance through tedious spreadsheets. Maintaining a top-notch and uniform customer service has never been so easy.

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If you are looking to scale fast while continuing to provide the ultimate online customer service, hopefully these recommended customer service website tools will help you create the top notch attention your clients need.

Have you already implemented any customer service website tools? Which one has been the most useful to grow your business?

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