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7 Reasons To Have Ongoing Learning In Your Call Center

Having ongoing learning in your workspace is great for your agents and their personal development. But it’s even more beneficial for you as an organization. As a business, offering ongoing learning in the call center can help you run a smooth running engine that doesn’t need to stop or slow down every few miles because of an internal issue.

You might be doubting providing ongoing learning in your call center because of the costs involved, and the time needed, which is essentially time spent not producing. However, the rewards excel the investment and your ROI will be tenfold.


Here is why you need to have ongoing learning in your organization.

1. Stay up-to-date on industry changes

Offering ongoing learning in your call center updates agents and other staff members on industry trends that affect their day-to-day. By knowing what is happening in their industry they can anticipate and better maneuver the landscape that they are working in.

Industry changes can include modifications in regulation. It’s very important for your agents and team leaders to be aware of them and understand what they need to do in order to comply or why they’re doing what they are doing. 

Industry changes may also include technological advancements. New software, gadgets and other up-and-coming technology should be on the radar in case it impacts the industry or can even be used to gain traction.


2. Beat the competition

By having ongoing training in the call center, you’re already one step ahead of your competitors. Ongoing learning is a big investment that many companies can’t justify offering. But you of course, see the ROI and are able to pull the value from having ongoing training in your organization.

Continuous training creates a learning culture which allows the organization to move faster and perhaps even become a first adopter, helping you lead the way in your industry. 

3. Create promotion opportunities

Continuous training in the call center creates super skilled staff members who are more dedicated and passionate about their area of expertise.

Not to mention, your staff will be able to grow and learn new skills beyond the ones they already have. As a result, they’re sure to feel more competent and fulfilled.

But most importantly, you’ll be able to create promotion opportunities and career paths for your staff, providing ongoing growth and goals to strive for.

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4. Attract talent

The word gets out quick when you offer quality training in at your call center or customer service team. Staff feel equipped with the right tools to excel on a professional and personal level. And who wouldn’t want to share this type of achievement with their family and friends?

As a result, you’ll be able to attract better talent. With a bigger talent pool to choose from, you will be able to select the best and build them up. Now you’ll be able to hire people that are hungry to grow with your company.

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5. Lower your talent acquisition costs

Offering ongoing training in the workplace lets your agents improve and expand their skill set. As a consequence, you improve employee morale and directly lower churn. A happy employee is more likely to stay with your company for the long run. 

Not to mention, with more talented and skilled staff, you’re able to promote internally which helps you avoid the high onboarding costs for new hires.

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6. Increase productivity

Continuous training gives staff the chance to improve themselves, hence making more fulfilled employees. And happy employees are 12% more productive than their counterparts. 

In addition, ongoing learning can refresh existing knowledge and can help employees improve their current processes and methods.

Not to mention, part of having company training includes providing feedback. When feedback is done right, as well as congratulating an employee on their good job, it can help them improve other areas.

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7. Identify internal gaps

Continuous training within your call center or customer service team you can also identify weaknesses and bridge the gap.

By creating a learning culture, you encourage staff to analyze their work and their processes.

Take advantage by holding group sessions, team meetings, and 360 feedbacks, all of which can work towards identifying gaps thanks to the help of the entire team and not just management.

This analysis also happens on an individual level within your company. Ongoing training equips your staff with the knowledge to recognize what they can personally improve on.

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Offering continuous learning in your call center is an investment that can pay off exponentially. Invest in your company by investing in your people.

Your organization will turn into a tribe where you’ll be able to get the whole team to look and aim in the same direction.

Do you offer ongoing learning in your call center? What direct benefits have you seen as a result?



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