8 Easy Ways to Burnout Your Agents

8 Easy Ways to Burnout Your Agents

Burnout is a reality for most Call Centers.

It’s a term that loosely means ‘nothing left to give, no hope of change or future with the company.’ These tips compile a quick and easy way to burnout your agents and ways to fix it.


Don’t train

This one’s a no-brainer since agents without proper skills and knowledge will be less likely to adequately and confidently get the job done. After time, agents who continually aren’t supported with consistent and useful training will lose confidence in their abilities, frustration will ensue and they will be looking elsewhere for work.

No recognition

Many times, an agent is seen as a commodity, like a chair. Something that simply has a function. Feeling appreciated fulfills a basic human need. Not appreciating your Teams efforts and successes hints that their extra effort isn’t worth it. Create a great incentive program, or let your employees take charge of it. Rely on a number of fun, maybe informal ways to let them know you’ve noticed their work for the company and the customer.

No future

No clear career path feels like a dead-end job. Give them the chance to learn new skills and be offered new challenges and support for personal growth. There are always numerous opportunities for agents by implementing viable skill or career paths in the call center.

Don’t empower your Agents

Team leaders must be a huge support tool for agents to deal with the common call center stressors. Empathize with your employees and the work they do. Sometimes people just need someone who understands, listens to them and show them a little empathy.

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Too big of a challenge

People need challenges to be motivated and everyone agrees that call centers need a formal service level to control costs and make happy customers. Find ways to continually give your employees something to set their sights on. Set goals. Challenge staff to perform well. Setting and achieving goals helps employees handle stress more effectively and feel more satisfied with their work. But don’t make it impossible…if the target or challenge is too high, it will be like you’re setting them up for failure.

Zero Engagement.

Fitting the right job to the right employee often keeps them excited about their work. This also means having the right team members surrounding them. Let them know what’s expected of them so they can be inspired to give their best effort.

Uninteresting and undiversified work

After months, or even years on the job agents complain that the nature of the work no longer gives them any reason to think and be creative. Help agents have more of a diverse workday. This might mean pushing training during the time between calls to help keep agents interested while improving their knowledge and skills at the same time.

Lack of necessary tools/technology

A quick fix is to invest in the technologies that will make your agents better at what they do. Check out here to get to know another tech that has been created to help the call center world.

Unfortunately, when agent’s burnout it’s usually a symptom of a larger problem within the company. Even worse, the first ones to go are usually the valuable staff who had something to offer at one point. To enjoy you’re favorite staff longer, figure out what works best by giving these tips a trial and error run.


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