A High-Performing Contact Center Starts with the Right WFM Tools

A High-Performing Contact Center Starts with the Right WFM Tools

Contact center performance management is led by an operations manager who is dedicated to improving the engagement of their agents. It requires a toolkit of quality monitoring, coaching, gamification, and most importantly, a top-tier workforce management system. With the right workforce management tools, you will be equipped to boost your contact center’s success — and strengthen your brand at the same time!

What Does Workforce Management Mean?

In a contact center context, workforce management (WFM) is both an art and a science. It involves having the right amount of agents working at all times to answer an accurately forecasted volume of interactions — with an overall goal of delivering schedules that meet the needs of your business, along with the requests of your team members.

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What are Workforce Management Tools? 

Workforce management tools are designed to support the day-to-day operations of your contact center team. WFM helps accurately forecast customer interactions and makes scheduling your contact center agents easy. But it also includes per-agent dashboards, shift swap requests, and the ability to set status for breaks, lunch, meetings, training, phone, chat and more across digital and voice channels. As workplace expectations have evolved, the technology and tools that make it all possible have evolved and changed as well. 

Your organization’s need for a quality workforce engagement management tool may depend on a variety of factors. The specific industry, growth rate, and business model are all factors in determining the most effective WFM tool for your contact center. No matter the business venture, a workforce management system is crucial for maximizing employee productivity.  

A High-Performing Contact Center Starts with the Right WFM Tools

When is the Right Time to Implement a WFM system?

Understanding your contact center’s goals is important when determining the best time to implement a workforce management tool. Generally, you can anticipate deploying WFM software when looking to improve scheduling accuracy, reduce staffing costs, achieve service-level goals, optimize agent performance, and integrate other business systems (i.e. QA platforms and CRMs). If you’re looking to upgrade any of these areas for your business — and don’t want to be limited by a spreadsheet — it may be the right time to consider a workforce management solution. 

Deploying a workforce engagement management system may seem like a major step for your contact center. Adding modules one-by-one ensures that it will serve its intended purpose and allow for full agent adoption.

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How to Select the Right WFM Software for Your Contact Center

A workforce management tool is commonly implemented in contact centers to optimize employee scheduling, reduce operational costs, and monitor agent performance. Playvox Workforce Management is designed to tackle these objectives with tools that make the most immediate impact in your contact center. 

A helpful first step is to identify the key challenges you’re facing in your contact center. Scheduling? Right-sizing your team? Managing costs? Inaccurate forecasting? When you outline your obstacles, you’re equipped to find WFM software that’s the right fit for your contact center.

Playvox Workforce Management includes forecasting, scheduling, monitoring, and intraday management reports. It serves as a cloud-native workforce management solution, which consistently allows contact centers to effectively manage digital channels. In addition, Playvox Workforce Management is complemented by our quality management suite that provides efficient operations and improve the overall customer-agent experience. 

How Companies Became More Successful After Switching to the Playvox Workforce Management Software

Many companies have found tremendous success by implementing Playvox’s workforce engagement management tools into their contact center. From reduced costs to increased customer satisfaction, the benefits are countless.

Two Playvox Customer Success Stories:


The world’s largest event ticket marketplace, SeatGeek, was able to reduce forecasting and scheduling complexity by 10X. By bringing data from each of its channels into one platform, the CX team could clearly see the intraday arrival patterns for each channel and identify coverage gaps. This ultimately enabled SeatGeek to work collaboratively with its partners to improve staffing models.


Afterpay, a financial tech company, has increased productivity by nearly 30% while simultaneously improving its QA and CSAT scores. Playvox Workforce Management provides a clear view into Afterpay productivity levels and ultimately reveals an opportunity to reduce variance in output across different teams. 

A High-Performing Contact Center Starts with the Right WFM Tools

Playvox Workforce Management Can Take Your Contact Center to New Heights

Playvox’s workforce engagement management software leads the industry, because we’re different from the rest. In fact, TrustRadius (the most trusted review site for business technology) recently recognized Playvox with the Top Rated Award for our excellent customer satisfaction ratings and an overall trScore of 9.1 out of 10.

By providing your agents with the proper skills, quality management, and agent development

resources, Playvox continues to increase customer loyalty and keep customers happy. 

Here are a few benefits of implementing the Playvox WFM system:

  • AI-powered forecasts
  • Smart and efficient schedules
  • Real-time workforce monitoring
  • Performance management tools
  • Increased agent engagement

In addition, explore Playvox’s other products and add-ons. From quality management and coaching to learning and motivating, our programs are innovative and quick to implement, all while remaining wildly successful.  

Are you ready to take a deeper dive into what applying the Playvox workforce management tool can do for your contact center? Schedule a personalized demo now!

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