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Announcing Playvox – June ’16 Release


We are excited to tell you about new features and enhancements to the Playvox platform. 



Coaching progress dashboard.  

Team leaders can now track and manage the progress of agents against coaching goals and timelines.  A powerful new tool for team leaders that provides visibility on current coaching progress by agent and coaching session.  A card based system allows team leaders to move coaching sessions (cards) across a set of progress milestones.    The progress flow is customizable by administrators. Default flow is from left to right “Initial Feedback”, “FollowUp”, “Needs Attention”, “Making Progress”


 coaching cards playvox


Available only on a limited basis since January, our Quality Management Application is now generally available to all customers. Manage your entire QA practice on Playvox:  

  • Design / Build  / Manage Quality Scorecards
  • Conduct employee evaluations by agent and specific customer interactions
  • Report on employee evaluations by trends, agents, analysts, coaching opportunities
  • Personalized quality dashboards for agents, team leaders, managers

For more information and a demo go to and click on Get Started Now.  

Agent Dashboard with aggregate scores, progress chart, and areas for improvement. 



That’s all for now. Stay tuned for our next release! 


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