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Automating Your Quality Call Center Processing 101

Quality assurance is a critical aspect of contact centers, serving to improve agent productivity, and the customer experience.

It is well known that call center quality assurance teams have a heavy workload. Between ensuring script adherence and trying to cover as many calls as possible to meet sample size goals, call center quality is no easy feat.

Automating  operational call center monitoring tasks is a great alternative to not only save time  but also serve to boost efficiency in a call center and increase sample size to 100%.

By checking every call, QA can vastly improve efforts to enhance customer service and overall call center performance. Automated QA monitoring provides immediate and deeper insights which  could save you some serious costs.

Below, we’ll give you a brief overview of how to start automating your call center QA process to stay ahead of the competition.


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How to start automating your call center QA process

Find the right technology-solution for your company

Measuring quality manually can be a long and arduous process and trying to scale up sample size manually would be a very expensive feat.


If you’re looking for an automation system, ensure the new system is compatible with your current call center technology. The new software should be able to meet current and future needs as well.


Before selecting a technology solution, ask yourself:

  • How will it improve agent performance?
  • By what percentage will the system improve data efficiency?
  • Are there any compatibility issues with our current programs?
  • How long will it take to see a return on investment?
  • What will be the annual saving compared to doing the work manually?
  • Will our monitoring solution protect us from a legal challenge?

Introduce the automated quality monitoring to your agents

Once you’ve decided on tool, it’s time to introduce it to your staff. More often than not, there is always resistance to change in a company setting. It’s normal for staff to feel reluctant to change the way they have always done things and might need some guidance and convincing.


Especially when it comes to QA, it’s important for agents to be involved and aware to remove negative perceptions around the process.

**Quality assurance: top-down or integral part of the contact center?**


Automation can actually work in the favor of agents. An objective tool will replace human ears to listen to agent and customer interactions. This allows for greater accuracy and removes subjectivity at the time of feedback. What’s not to love?


Implementation of the QA automation process

When launching a quality management program, determine a  ‘pilot phase’ to identify potential issues and make any necessary adjustments. This could be a program tweak, voice recognition adjustment, or how your QA team and agents adjust to the tool.


During this process, you should start by defining how employees’ jobs are tied to the organizational goals as well as the mission and vision. Train agents and set daily, weekly and even monthly performance goals.  

This is also a great time to put in place a straightforward reward system for outstanding employee performance as well as a coaching mechanism to train those who need extra support.

Once your tool, staff and processes are all in place, you’re ready to press ‘Start’.


Benefits of automation QA process

More data and greater customer insights

Automated QA processes can monitor and analyze large amounts of data which can provide greater customer insights and more accurate feedback come evaluation time.  Automated analysis eliminates the randomness of sample size thanks to its ability to analyze every single agent to customer interaction, thus providing the whole picture and not just pieces of the puzzle.


Provides great training material

In addition, an automated QA tool can go beyond quality and even serve for agent training purposes.  Calls can be saved and organized by keyword, tone of voice of the people on the line and more.


Real-time data collection and action

KPI data is collected live meaning that issues can be identified immediately allowing managers to resolve mishaps quickly before they escalate. This means that the customer experience can be improved without having to wait to collect and analyze data, possible taking months until action is taken upon.


QA process automation could possibly the best thing that has happened to your call center since your agents switched from using phones to computers.


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