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Benefits Of Integrating Your QA Software With Your CRM

Your contact center depends on building long lasting relationships with loyal customers, earning their trust and ultimately delivering industry-leading service. After all, 64 percent of consumers believe a quality experience matters more than price.

But how do you know if you’re actually doing all you can to forge such lasting bonds?


Quality assurance.

This is an ongoing process giving you all the insights you need to identify gaps in your service, help agents boost their performance and achieve better results over time. Good QA software is an invaluable aid to your quality assurance program, empowering you with access to crucial data in one place.

Likewise, a solid CRM system helps you keep track of customer communications, delve deep into data-analysis and ensure consistency across all channels.

So what happens if you were to put the two together?

Integrating your QA software with your CRM offers many exciting benefits, enabling your contact center to overhaul your customer service for the better.

How? Let’s take a closer look …

Integrations for every contact center

Playvox QA software is designed to be a complete quality-assurance solution, unifying your data from multiple sources and equipping you with all the resources you need to build a stronger team. It integrates with multiple other platforms you can rely on for great service, including:

Each of these platforms allows you to filter data and evaluate performance in multiple ways, providing a comprehensive overview of your service. You can analyze a huge range of information to pinpoint where improvements are needed, track development and stay organized in even the biggest contact center.

Below, we take a look at the different integrations and the filters they offer.

Zendesk Support

Zendesk helps you create an omnichannel support program for maximum customer convenience. Your QA software can be integrated with two parts of the Zendesk suite: Support and Chat.

Zendesk Support is designed to collate all your customer interactions and facilitate a more seamless, personalized service. Agents have the data they need to resolve issues faster (leading to more of those all-important First-Call Resolutions) and boost customer satisfaction.

The interface is user-friendly and simple, minimizing confusion on the agents’ part and, as a result, streamlining interactions. Customer satisfaction ratings let you gather valuable feedback with ease, while performance reports are easy to follow.

You can use Zendesk Support to filter data by:

  • Subject
  • Description
  • Ticket type
  • Status
  • Priority
  • Group
  • Tags
  • Satisfaction
  • Via
  • Submitter
  • Requester
  • Call duration
  • First resolution time
  • Reply time
  • Fully resolution time
  • Agent wait time
  • Requester wait time
  • Agent wait time
  • Requester wait time
  • On hold time
  • Reopens
  • Replies
  • Agents involved count
  • Created at (date filtering)
  • Updated at (date filtering)
  • Solved (date filtering)

Zendesk Chat

Zendesk Chat provides contact centers with live chat and messaging facilities, helping you leverage cutting-edge tools for quick service.

Proactive engagement, analytics and cross-device support are all available with Zendesk Chat.

Utilize the following filters to organize your data and help agents find the most context-relevant information in seconds:

  • ID
  • Type
  • Rating
  • Started by
  • Triggered
  • Triggered response
  • Unread
  • Missed
  • Agents IDs
  • Duration
  • Max response time
  • Average response time
  • First response time
  • Visitor messages count
  • Total messages count
  • Agent messages count
  • Tags
  • Created at (date filtering)


Freshdesk is customer-support software that helps you keep track of all conversations, assign tickets and help keep those same tickets organized (such as with agent collision detection).

The Freshdesk integration offers multiple filters, so you can analyze the right data for your quality assurance and deliver real-time performance feedback to agents:

  • ID
  • Responder ID
  • Spend time
  • First response time
  • Description: True / false
  • Span: True / false
  • Updated at (date filtering)
  • Created at (date filtering)
  • Resolved at (date filtering)
  • First responded at (date filtering)
  • Closed at (date filtering)


With Intercom integration, contact centers can filter customer interactions using various filters and create quality reports using actionable data, to help agents make the right changes in their service.

What filters are available?

  • ID
  • Type
  • Read
  • Open
  • Assignee ID
  • User / lead ID
  • Subject
  • Custom / user / lead ID
  • User / lead city
  • User / lead continent code
  • User / lead country code
  • User / lead country name
  • User / lead latitude
  • User / lead longitude
  • User / lead postal code
  • User / lead region
  • User / lead time zone
  • User / lead company
  • User / lead segment
  • User / lead tag
  • Conversation tag
  • Created at (date filtering)
  • Updated at (date filtering)


Kustomer enables you to view all customer interactions through numerous channels, for fast responses and personalized service.

With the Kustomer integration, you’ll have access to the following data filters through your QA software:

  • ID
  • Status
  • Assigned users
  • Created by
  • Satisfaction
  • Message count
  • Note count
  • Priority
  • Direction
  • Channels
  • Outbound message count
  • Created at (date filtering)
  • Updated at (date filtering)
  • Last activity at (date filtering)

Ring Central

Ring Central is a communications hub with a cloud-phone system, facilities for team-based messaging / collaboration and A/V conferencing.

The Ring Central integration offers you the chance to filter data by:

  • ID
  • Session ID
  • Duration
  • Phone number
  • From phone
  • Type: voice, fax
  • Direction: Inbound, outbound
  • Result
  • Action
  • Extension ID
  • Transport
  • Start time (date filtering)


Talkdesk equips contact center agents with the means to provide a seamless, reliable service. The Talkdesk integration in your QA software lets you find the most important calls for a given time, whether you’re looking for those that demonstrate great or terrible service.

Use the following filters to assess quality of interactions across various criteria, to discover how many people are ending calls, being bounced from agent to agent and more:

  • ID
  • Type: Inbound / outbound
  • Talkdesk phone number
  • Talkdesk phone display name
  • User ID
  • Total time
  • Talk time
  • Wait time
  • Hold time
  • Abaondon time
  • Disposition code
  • Agent voice rating
  • Ring groups
  • IVR options
  • Hangup
  • In business hours
  • Callback from queue
  • Transferred
  • Transferred externally
  • Not answered
  • Forwarded
  • Calls ID
  • Started at (date filtering)
  • Ended at (date filtering)

Help Scout

This software revolves around customer interactions and great service through chat, messaging and custom help documents that give prospects access to self-service resources (a huge benefit when 73 percent of consumers want to solve issues by themselves and have higher expectations than ever).

The Help Scout integration gives you access to the following user-friendly filters, to locate those interactions that matter most during your quality assurance process:

  • Subject
  • Email
  • Body
  • Status
  • Number
  • With attachments
  • Tags
  • Mailbox name

Fast access to all critical data

As you can see, the above integrations offer a huge range of filters to help agents, QA analysts and managers locate all the critical data needed in every aspect of quality assurance.

Integrating your QA software with your CRM system (whichever of the above you use) has the power to revolutionize the way in which your contact center operates. You’ll give your quality assurance team invaluable resources and tools — all accessed via one centralizing platform — to maximize their results.

Having the flexibility to compare call times, abandonment rates, interaction content and many other types of data makes spotting errors a much easier process than depending on old-fashioned spreadsheet-centric manual techniques.

View work performed by certain agents at specific times, discover telltale patterns and develop a deeper understanding of both your workforce and your customer-base. It’s simple. It’s powerful. It’s easy to use for employees at all levels.

Will you be integrating your QA software with your CRM, or have you done that already? If so, tell us how it has changed the way you’ve approached customer service.

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