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Best Ideas To Increase Productivity In Your Call Center

Productivity is the cornerstone of business development. Its about keeping overheads down and providing the most efficient service.

A well run call center combines effective management and dynamic motivation to achieve results and increase productivity.

Training costs must be reviewed. Staff performance must yield highest financial return. Systems and processes must be efficient, making use of innovation to ensure maximum return on investment. Running a call center means having one eye constantly on output.


Below we’ll discuss the tools to increase productivity in your call center.

1. Assess downtime

Often the key to productivity is to maximize time outside the call. Administration time can vary from staff member to staff member and disorganization can come at a cost.p

Investing in an super effective CRM (Customer Relationship Manager) system provides call center staff with the means of improving their output and thus increasing productivity.

Among tools available are programs to help reduce the time spent on after call work. By applying facilities to automate note taking, file outcomes and information updates staff can reduce downtime and stay efficient.


2. Efficient allocation of human manpower

To increase productivity in the call center it is necessary to proactively get the recruitment process right. Recruiting the right people, effective training and preparing new staff avoids issues around poor performance and the cost of repair or retrain.

By far the greatest cost in running a call center lies in the cost of manpower. To increase the productivity of the call center, managers must be mindful of the cost of on-boarding staff.

A huge outlay of finance is invested in training staff, including providing trainers, producing materials, offering initial support and monitoring. While it is essential to fully equip staff with the right tools, it is also important to continuously retrain to increase retention.

Offering staff a variety of projects and engaging them in work other than taking calls, can also help maintain staff engaged and motivated.

It stands to reason that getting the right talent is key to call center productivity. Effective monitoring and allocation of manpower has the single biggest impact on increasing productivity in the call center.


3. Stay on top of technology

Technology has automated so many operational tasks and it does so exponentially faster and better than we would have. Not to mention, software makes companies more cost-effective and eliminates human error. What’s not to love?

Stop using excel sheets to measure KPIs and pull performance reports. Software such as Playvox lets you create scorecards, grade customer service interactions, generate user-friendly KPI reports and create personalized trainings, all from the same platform.


4. Engage staff in productivity drive

Having staff focus on output is vital to increase productivity in the call center. Make your company goals their personal goals.

Call center work can be monotonous and left unattended, staff can quickly get bored. Including call center staff in conversations about objectives, goals and achievements can help staff stay on board and make the company’s achievements their own.

Help them connect with the bigger picture so they can understand the part they play in the scheme of it all and understand that they are a vital part of the success of the company.


6. Publish a leaderboard

On a regular basis, a leaderboard can be used positively to encourage and acknowledge the efforts and success of agents.

Staff are monitored against productivity, quality and attendance and ranked according to KPI scores.

The top performing agents can be rewarded based on how many points they’ve earned. Our Playvox platform lets agents accumulate Karma points which they can later cash in for gift cards, days off, or whatever reward you decide on. In addition, publishing the rankings act as an incentive and a way to congratulate staff.

Make a point of congratulating staff who have improved their position on the leaderboard can serve as a great morale booster and push the rest of your team to do better next time around.


7. Benchmarking analysis

Benchmarking provides a range of analytical support including the effective monitoring of productivity. In order to increase productivity in the call center, you’ll need to identify metrics in your customer service interactions or in the approach of call handlers that can be measured.

Effectively benchmarking and the subsequent discussion around call handling can contribute to the training of new staff in how to approach calls and the development of existing staff in modifying their approach.

Without a doubt, focus on productivity is crucial to the development of a call center. Fortunately, there are a multitude of tools available to support effective management of staff.

With software such as Playvox, you’ll be able to monitor, train and reward your call center staff all from the same platform!

Are you looking to increase productivity in your call center? Discover the Playvox solution today!

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