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Better Together: Playvox QA and Salesforce Service Cloud

Playvox quality assurance software is now available on the Salesforce AppExchange, offering Salesforce Service Cloud customers the ability to enhance their customer service capabilities quickly and easily.

Service Cloud enables users to automate service processes and streamline workflows to support agents. With the addition of Playvox, Salesforce users will gain total control over their customer service quality operations.

We arm the full customer service team with visibility into what is and is not working so proper action can be immediately taken to intelligently improve workflows, resolve issues and bolster service levels. In short, Playvox enhances Service Cloud’s capabilities by offering more insight to support critical decision making. In total, the Playvox Quality Assurance app helps Salesforce customers:

  • Filter and prioritize their most important support tickets and chats to focus on the most pressing concerns – filter by call duration, first resolution time, reply time, status, priority, and more
  • Filter and evaluate customer interactions
  • Identify customer service problems that are impacting workflows and service levels
  • Generate reports based on evaluation results
  • Identify areas in which agents must improve and offer visibility in their performance improvement
  • Give your agents real-time feedback on specific customer interactions within their evaluation results

Playvox released the cloud-based platform on Feb. 3 to partner with the Salesforce community. By doing so, it gives Playvox a vehicle to “join the thriving Salesforce Partner Community, where everyone freely shares their experience and knowledge.”

The Salesforce AppExchange is an enterprise cloud marketplace. It’s where to find more than 5,000 business solutions. Playvox, being one of these solutions, deploys quality assurance software within a few hours. Sync Salesforce users, build quality scorecards, set priority filters, assign interactions to quality evaluators.

And for the Playvox team it was an obvious choice to join Salesforce.

“The journey/experience so far was about getting accepted/approved by Salesforce in listing our offering in that marketplace,” said Juan Correa, information security and development operations at Playvox. “That included telling who we are (business, offering description), that got us approved as business partner, after that we submitted for Security Review our offering aka the SaaS Playvox application, when we passed it they approved us as an AppExchange partner and from that point we were able to list our offering publicly on the AppExchange.”

Some of the most successful companies in the world (like Adidas, Farmers, Marriott, Intuit and Activision) rely on Salesforce Service Cloud to deliver stellar customer service. But, according to salesforce research, many organizations face ever-increasing customer expectations and the need for empowered agents. Playvox helps businesses like these do that, and so much more.

In summary, Salesforce Service Cloud helps businesses manage their customer relationships, while Playvox helps them also ensure their customers always have positive experiences with their agents. Better together, the two solutions work hand in hand to bolster a customer service team’s capabilities to support and satisfy customer needs.

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