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Boost Your Contact Center QA With Playvox’s Third-Party Integrations

Assuring quality customer interactions is a priority for any company that expects to thrive and grow. In-house QA teams, third-party QA consultants, and closed, internal systems for monitoring contact center quality are soon to be relics of the past as QA, along with other customer service systems and platforms, moves rapidly to the cloud.

Playvox is quickly becoming a major player in the cloud-based QA technology game, and for good reason. Contact center agents and managers can receive valuable insights as to the quality of customer interactions from every channel, the result being a QA system that is affordable, scalable, collaborative, and ongoing.

The beauty of cloud-based technology is that it allows various apps and platforms to integrate seamlessly, allowing companies to custom-build their technology systems and solutions to meet their ever-evolving needs. The following are some of the third-party tools which Playvox has seamlessly integrated into its platform.


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RingCentral is a cloud-based contact system which can operate through in-office phones as well as the smartphones and tablets of its users. Managers can easily add or remove users, locations, and devices; users can customize their settings and notifications.


The system displays at any time who is on a call and who is available, and users can quickly set up and invite others to conference via call or video.



Integrated into Playvox, all communication that comes through RingCentral can be monitored for quality, eliminating the need for transferring contact data to a separate QA system.


Zendesk is a support ticketing system that brings customer queries and issues from multiple communication channels together into one streamlined ticketing system. Agents can prioritize customer needs, work on resolving multiple support tickets at once, and collaborate with other team members to respond to the needs of customers.



Although Zendesk displays data such as how your company’s response time compares to the industry average, the integration can be added into Playvox to bring a full suite of QA tools all in the same platform.

Desk (of Salesforce)

Boasting readiness right out-of-the-box, gathers customer support needs from various channels into one streamlined support ticket system that is accessible by employees wherever they are.


Desk’s strength lies in its scalability, making it a popular choice for small (but rapidly growing) companies.



Desk integrates easily with Playvox, bringing to agents and managers the ability to build custom QA scorecards and evaluate agent-to-customer interactions across multiple communication channels.


Salesforce has all the capability of omnichannel customer support, plus more. It can intelligently route customers to the right agent, catalogue and publish solutions to a knowledge base that everyone can access, provides the ability to screen-share directly with customers, and brings with it a host of sales and marketing tools.



Thanks to the third-party integration, contact centers can give agents real-time feedback and visibility with personalized dashboards tracking KPI’s. Managers can coach, (re)train, and monitor agent-to-customer interactions through the Playvox platform.


Talkdesk brags “all the benefits of enterprise call center software, without all the complexity.” Simple and straightforward, Talkdesk is a call center system with which you can easily establish a phone number, add agents, configure ring groups and IVR using drop-down menus, and make and receive calls.



Although Talkdesk itself does have call monitoring capabilities and customized reporting, integrating with Playvox brings the entire QA operation, complete with call monitoring, custom scorecards and user dashboards, coaching and training, all together. Data and workflows are automatically synchronized in real-time between Talkdesk and Playvox.


Like Talkdesk, LiveChat’s beauty lies in its simplicity. The name says it all. Live. Chat.


Customers visiting a website enabled with LiveChat service can exchange real-time messages with a customer service representative with one click or tap and a few keystrokes.



Livechat easily integrates with Playvox, making it possible to analyze these chat interactions for quality as part of a company’s overall QA strategy.


Intercom is a contact center solution with many features that help customers receive solutions in a timely and efficient manner via omnichannel support.


Team members can see a detailed customer profile alongside email messages and collaborate (visibly or behind-the-scenes) via a team inbox. Intercom facilitates a crowdsourced help center organized by titles, keywords, and ratings, and even initiates a live chat response anytime an article is rated as unhelpful.


In-app messaging online and via a company’s mobile apps brings available agents right to customers’ fingertips, wherever they are.



Intercom can be integrated with Playvox to gather agent-to-customer interactions in one place and monitor calls, chats, and emails for quality interaction.


If your company operates as though Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Quality Assurance (QA) are two separate entities, it’s time to embrace the integrated approach afforded by cloud-based technologies by linking Playvox to your existing system(s).


Check out our complete list of integrations here.


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