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How BrowserStack Boosted Their CSAT and NPS With Quality Assurance

CSAT and NPS are crucial metrics to consider when overseeing any call center or customer service department.

CSAT (Customer Satisfaction) and NPS (Net Promoter Score) are both different, but apply to your customers’ experience:
  • CSAT focuses on measuring the customer’s satisfaction with your services
  • NPS covers the customer’s likelihood of recommending you to others, based on the score they assign to your company
Keeping your customers happy and loyal is vital for ongoing success as attracting a new buyer costs five times more than retaining an existing one.

But it’s not always easy to know what they want — at least, without quality assurance. Playvox QA software is a user-friendly solution for companies running quality assurance on their agents, and has helped countless brands boost their CSAT and NPS scores.
Doing so empowers companies to maintain a happier customer base, build their reputation and potentially expand their audience.
Let’s take a closer look at one of our success stories.

Who is BrowserStack?

BrowserStack is known as one of the market’s leading web and mobile app testing platforms, and is dedicated to making developers’ work simpler. Users can run testing on their sites and apps easily across thousands of different browsers and / or devices. BrowserStack has worked on projects for powerhouses such as Google, Twitter, Microsoft, Barclay’s and more.
BrowserStack is a hugely-popular platform, used by over two million developers in 135 countries across the globe. With more than 60 million tests run with BrowserStack every month, the brand is obviously dedicated to keeping its knowledgeable customer-base satisfied.

BrowserStacks’ goals

BrowserStack wanted to perform thorough, scalable quality assurance and keep the process under tight control. As with many brands, key aims in its QA program included:
  • Measuring agents’ efficiency levels and range of knowledge
  • Monitoring employees’ ability to communicate well with callers, in different situations
  • Supportive documentation to help run the QA process run smoothly
  • Effective, simple communications between colleagues
Putting time and energy into these four main focus points would give BrowserStack the fluid, accessible, growth-based QA process it needed. A major criteria the team had to consider was its dependence on Zendesk — any product it used to handle its QA program needed to offer integration with it.
With Playvox quality assurance software, BrowserStack had access to an extensive suite of tools and features designed to measure agents’ performance, gather valuable data and more to gauge customer satisfaction. Our system allows for call monitoring, custom scorecards, feedback and more, enabling simple evaluations and identification of areas demanding improvement.
By focusing on customer satisfaction on an ongoing basis, your NPS score can organically improve, motivating customers to demonstrate more loyalty to your brand. This was certainly the case for BrowserStack.

BrowserStack + Playvox = Success

The company started using Playvox and found its customer service agents achieved results immediately. How?
  • The number of monthly quality evaluations jumped from 19 to 82 on average
  • This increase in assessments caused BrowserStack to achieve a QA score monthly average of 94.4 percent
  • BrowserStack has handled more than 1,650 quality evaluations with our QA software, benefitting its agents and customers alike
  • As a result of all this and ongoing improvements, BrowserStack achieved a staggering 98 percent CSAT
Consistent evaluations should be part of any successful ongoing quality assurance program, to ensure agents are delivering the best service possible. Customers who receive the high level of support they expect are more likely to keep coming back in the future; if it’s good enough, they could go on to recommend the brand to others.
BrowserStack’s service teams have used Playvox to enjoy the following benefits:
  • Consistent reduction of non-compliance statistics
  • They have become more motivated and feel more empowered
  • Agents can receive real-time feedback on their work, identifying flaws and integrating advice into customer interactions
  • The service team finds it easier to avoid unnecessary CX mistakes, creating smoother performance overall
Playvox helped BrowserStack to integrate Zendesk into its QA process too, giving analysts access to customer and agent emails for in-depth review.

The power of a game-changer

“Playvox has been a game changer for us ever since we onboarded it as a QA tool for support interactions almost two years back,” Prasun Choudhury, Director of Global Customer Support & InfoSec Support said. “At BrowserStack, ‘quality’ forms the basis of everything we do.”
Most companies would consider themselves driven to provide the highest quality of service, but many fall short of their own standards through a lack of quality assurance. Evaluations enabled BrowserStack to form a more comprehensive, cohesive view of its agents’ work and ultimately refine its services.
BrowserStack’s experience led it to find our QA software “just works”, fitting into its everyday processes without disruption. Its increased CSAT is testament to the success companies can achieve using Playvox, and our system makes gathering customer feedback simple. Asking them to rate their experience is quick, offering them the chance to have their say on your service in seconds.
Listening to customers is key to score a higher NPS: you shouldn’t assume you know what they expect and want in order to stay loyalty — just asking is far more effective. Quality assurance makes it easier to measure agents’ performance in comparison to customer feedback, pinpointing where your service team could be going wrong.
Customers may forgive one or two little mistakes, but consistently poor service won’t be tolerated — 47 percent will go elsewhere. With our QA system, it’s possible to boost productivity and keep agents more motivated to go above and beyond; a rewards scheme and increased visibility encourages collaboration too, allowing colleagues to work together to achieve goals.

BrowserStack’s story demonstrates how effective a good quality assurance process is in boosting CSAT and NPS. This brand managed to enhance its customer experience and deliver finer service, with tighter control over its QA program.
Want to know more about how Playvox can help your company increase its CSAT and NPS? Get in touch to learn more about what we can do for you!

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