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Call Center: Telework, how to belong without appearing

”Good morning” would be the first thing that is said as soon as arriving to work. ”Let’s get a coffee?”, ”Can you help me with this issue?” , ”Today we can have lunch together”…these are the common phrases that can be heard any day in the office. They are phrases that unite and help people feel part of the community.

But what happens when employees don’t have this option, when they work remotely?

Today many companies choose telework for their Call Centers. There are various benefits including better use of time management and resources that result in increased profits.

However, within these companies, administrators from mobile networks have the huge task of always trying to help people working from distinct locations to feel that they belong to the same world. It becomes complicated to help each employee from their home feel that they form part of the team even if there is no physical presence from peers, laughter, comments and experiences that occur in the office.

Build on these concepts to make a cultural change

There is something basic in all areas: People are looking to belong, they look to be part of something that they can identify with, they look to positively contribute in their work no matter what they do. So, telework administrators can start by building on the following concepts by using technological tools that let them make a cultural change within organizations, implementing practices that promote including the teleworkers:

  • Encourage participation inside the team by not using conventional or mandatory methods, but through the use of gamification that lets people feel involved and participate while having fun.
  • Publicly recognize those who stand out, either because they were able to reach the established goal, because they helped their peers or they proposed an interesting topic to the community.
  • Implement Crowdsourcing or joint problem solving by involving all of the teletrabajo community and not miss the opportunity to know new talents.
Currently there are technologies that are able to provide these environments. The continuing development of new tools are available to everyone and allows those who work from home to belong, even if they aren’t physically present.
(This post was translated from the original)

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