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10 Call Center Training Ideas You Can’t Miss Out On

In a world where customer service is at the core of business relationships, it is essential to pay particular attention to call center training ideas. Here, there is a multitude of valid choices to establish and enhance the quality of the call center delivery, and yet some companies persist in relying on the same outmoded and ineffective approaches that render them at most mediocre in the delivery of care for the customer.

The call center is the hub of the business, the public face of the company, the first line of defense.

Get the call center wrong, and it affects reputation, confidence lost, and client contracts put at risk. It appears the focus of responsible business endeavors recognizes that without reliable and robust customer service, a company cannot withhold the test of time.

So what are some call center training ideas?

Here are 10 to keep your company and staff as sharp as a knife.


1. Buddying

One of the most effective call center training ideas is to make use of the expertise your experienced staff already possess.

The buddying system allows new staff to listen and learn from those more experienced than themselves. Sitting a new team member next to a more highly skilled colleague helps to hone skills and transfer knowledge.

The most significant advantage that this approach has to offer is the established team member is acknowledged for their training ability while the new team member is relaxed and less likely to become intimidated. It is a win-win situation.

2. Software Programs

Software programs offer a multitude of opportunities to identify strengths and weaknesses. Quality assurance software provides sophisticated processes to cover all aspects of evaluation.

You’ll have call center programs that can score performance and drill down on the statistical and performance-based evidence so targets training.

Playvox’s quality assurance software offers a training and learning module which allows you to train and coach based on agents performance metrics. You can deliver targeted material in groups or individually based on the areas needed to improve.

10 Call Center Training Ideas You Can't Miss Out On

3. Involve Staff in Data Analysis

With the vast supply of software available, it is crucial the utilized data is to the best advantage for the company.

Playvox’s reporting tool generates easy-to-understand graphs and reports based on your customer service team’s performance metrics. Use this tool to not only share data with management but also with your front-line staff.

Whether you do a presentation, set up a team meeting, or have a one-on-one’s to share individual metrics, sharing data analysis helps staff to see their progress and the impact their work has on the client and the company.

Not to mention, it can also add a dimension of competition to the process.

4. Share Client Feedback

An essential part of call center training ideas is to make work relevant by connecting staff with the bigger picture.

Rather than allowing the team to work in a headset bubble devoid of understanding the value of their contribution, share feedback from the client.

Through Playvox, your customer service staff can receive real-time customer feedback after every interaction. This allows them to know first hand how they are doing and what they can improve upon.

Gone are the days when customer service had to wait months for a feedback session. Now they can know how they did after every call, motivating them to keep up the good work!

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5. The Value of Retraining

While companies may recognize the importance of call center training ideas, they often miss the need to provide retraining regularly.

Sophisticated data analysis programs usually indicate that a call center agent has an optimum employment timeframe for retaining knowledge and offering the best customer service. Whether representatives become jaded, lose their enthusiasm or merely lose concentration, the fact remains that retraining, or refreshing is a necessary process.

If the company is to maintain a high standard in the call center prepare to revisit aspects of work with more experienced or extended service staff.

With Playvox, you can build on your team’s capacities thanks to our Learning Product. Build specialized training courses filled with multimedia content and quizzes so you can keep staff engaged and up to date.

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6. Make Training Fun

Engaging staff in interactive games is a call center training idea that will surely be met with great enthusiasm.

The repetitive and demanding nature of testing in the call center can leave staff uninspired.

Playing interactive games can be light-hearted and can help to pick up the mood.

Team games allow friendly rivalry and banter while still driving the message home.

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7. Technical Knowledge-Based Training

For all call centers, it is important to understand the particular training the staff member needs. For knowledge-based evaluation, the call center staff must be able to access accurate information in a minimum amount of time.

Staff must navigate to find information while not holding up the customer. Call center training programs require organizers to evaluate the data and the application of information to make sure it communicates clearly with staff.

8. Soft Skills Training

It is essential to get the balance between technical knowledge and approach towards the customer. Specialized soft skills training sessions focus on one aspect of how the staff member communicates with the participant.

This training may cover how to deal with language barriers, how to empathize, listening skills and helping with a distressed or grieving customer. These skills slow during a training session with a call center training program built around the presentation of soft skills.

10 Call Center Training Ideas You Can't Miss Out On

9. Scorecard Grading

Key to effective training is feedback in one-to-one sessions. Here, specialized quality markers evaluate performance and provide support and training for staff on a one-to-one basis.

With Playvoxs scorecard features and practical integrations with TalkDesk and LiveChat amongst others, you’ll be able to evaluate random customer service interactions and give focused and targeted feedback through standardized scoring mechanisms covering all aspects of assessment and evaluation.

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10. Call Evaluation

Allowing staff to listen to examples of calls will allow them to bring the customer experience to life. Listening to an excellent call and discussing the impact of this call for the customer and the company can be a very useful call center training idea.

With the permission of the staff member who handled the call, this can work to motivate, inspire and open discussion.

Finding poor calls is more problematic, as it is unethical to identify a staff member who has performed poorly.

For examples of poor customer service, it is better to set up a dummy call between two managers who can role-play the part of call center agent and customer.

Simple classroom training alone is not sufficient when looking at call center training ideas.

Advances software and the ability to use multimedia features offer more diversity and training potential. Bespoke, programs and targeted training enable call centers to off greater understanding and support for staff which means happier staff and by default happier customers or clients and improved company profile and effectiveness.

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