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Call Centers: 10 reasons why it’s a miserable job

Call centers fill a valuable role in the world of telemarketing, health care, customer service and much more. Working there seems like a great opportunity to advance ones career, learn communication skills and make some cash. But Is it?

Call centers have been associated as a negative, thankless job… here’s why.


1. The Training

Insufficient. Mainly, the focus is to train and get you on the floor as quickly as possible.

2. Repetition

Impersonal, fluffy scripts. Pick up the phone, follow the directions, deal with the problem, and repeat as quickly as possible. A constant, mind-numbing blur.

3. Customer handling

Help is skewed towards scripted empathy, concern, and reassurance. Actually resolving the customer’s problem comes second.

4. The Customers

It’s nerve-wracking when irate customers target you with their frustrations, questions and complaints, and even worse if you’re not from their country.

5. Pressure

Ultimately, it costs the company to handle a customer call. High pressure to keep the calls as short as possible when updating accounts and resolving problems. The longer the calls, the more it hurts the employee’s report card “grade.”

6. Employees

High turn-over rates from people quitting or getting fired. No one is doing this for a career.

7. Management

Simply doesn’t listen or care. Zero concept of constructive criticism or quality employee care. Rigidly grades and monitors everything and everybody.

8. Upselling

As there is pressure to keep each calls Average Handled Time (AHT) as short as possible, it conflicts with the company’s selling strategy to solve a problem and make a sale.

9. Monitoring

Everything you do…. is monitored, ie: Calls, Breaks, Lunches. Anytime you to leave your cubicle you are required to inform management where you are or why you are not taking calls.

10. The Effects

Daily high levels of stress triggered from customers, the job, the hours and management slowly attack your emotional and physical well-being.

Regrettably, the cons greatly outweigh the pros with Call Center work. If we could target and fix the underlying causes, it wouldn’t have to be such a tough job. What would help make the job less negative and more enjoyable?

share your thoughts….

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