How Contact Center Technology is Changing the Game for Agents call center technology

How Contact Center Technology is Changing the Game for Agents

There’s no hiding the fact that technology has impacted our daily lives. From how we navigate our day and interact with friends and colleagues to how we engage with vendors and brands, new tools and communication channels have changed the touchpoints we all experience.

How Contact Center Technology is Changing the Game for Agents call center technology

For businesses of all sizes, technology has also changed contact centers from an internal and customer-facing perspective. Your organization has likely been forced to embrace new technology to remain relevant and deliver exceptional customer service. Loyalty is fleeting, with competitors only a click away for your customers, who are demanding more efficient and more personalized service.

Contact center technology has evolved to enable more on-demand capabilities and scale, thanks to the cloud. But this evolution has also enabled organizations to equip and manage teams of agents located anywhere (including the home), and in turn serve customers anywhere. Your contact center software and telephony system are key components that dictate how you interact with your customers. Does your current technology support phone interactions only, or is it an omnichannel system that allows you to also engage with customers via chat, social, and other digital channels they prefer? 

Call centers of the past were viewed primarily as cost centers to provide the necessary support for products and services. But we’ve evolved from voice-only communications to contact centers where agents can provide support via a variety of channels. This has enabled customers to get in touch with organizations whichever way and whenever they are most comfortable.

Another piece of the puzzle is not just thinking about your own business but also how your competitors fight for your customers. If your competitors offer a broader range of channels for support and sales, then you need to update your contact center software to level the playing field or, even better, get ahead of the competition.

So is it worthwhile to upgrade your existing contact center technology? The answer is different for every business. Here are some considerations we suggest to Dialpad customers to help with your evaluation.

  1. Does your current contact center technology provide agility to change or scale? What do those changes cost you?
  2. Can your agents work as well remotely as they can from the office? How about mobile device support?
  3. Are you offering as many support channels as your competitors are offering? Which channels are you missing to compete better?
  4. Does your present contact center solution have capabilities to help you boost agent productivity and efficiency?
  5. Do you feel that you could have been better prepared for the challenges faced during the COVID-19 pandemic?

Real-world Example: Were you able to schedule and roster in social distancing for COVID-friendly practices for staff members who were able to work?

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This evaluation isn’t limited to just workforce planning but also your core contact center telephony as well. How do you handle telephony for your staff working from home? COVID-19 truly tested the capacity, resilience, and capabilities of current contact center technology. It also drove companies to upgrade to newer, cloud-based solutions such as Dialpad Contact Center, which enables much more agility when your team is no longer centralized and has to work from a safer environment. So why shouldn’t all your other contact center software solutions be this resilient, flexible, and efficient? For example, using a cloud-based suite like Playvox for workforce scheduling and quality management is a sound practice.

Ultimately, you want to deliver exceptional service to your customers — as well as your staff — in a way that puts your organization ahead of your competitors. Hindsight is great, but there’s no better lesson to be learned from the pandemic than to build resilience for the future. 

For the near term, hybrid teams, where some contact center agents work onsite and others work remotely, will be prevalent.  Is your suite of contact center software able to handle hybrid teams and efficiently sustain it? 

How Contact Center Technology is Changing the Game for Agents call center technology

Don’t leave your agents sitting in the dark at home. Upgrade to a workforce engagement management system that allows you to manage them as if they were still in the office. When selecting a WEM system, look for capabilities that can grow with your organization and are built with your agents at the center. These capabilities include AI-powered forecasting, scheduling, and optimization of your workforce in real-time, streamlined agent-level dashboards, interaction filtering, and collaborative workflows. This is why Dialpad has chosen to partner with Playvox to include workforce engagement management with our Contact Center product.

It’s easy to neglect the technology in our contact centers and fall back to an “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” mindset. But the past two years serve as a wake-up call to assess and, at a minimum, consider future-facing improvements like cloud-based workforce engagement management solutions. Improving your contact center technology might seem like a cost, but these improvements also boost customer loyalty and reduce agent attrition. They can make the difference between reduced capacity due to physical constraints, versus efficiently handling scale and new demands because your systems can now adapt to change. Modern contact center technology has revolutionized operations, and leading contact centers are capitalizing on the change.

Today, contact center technology is modernized cloud software and telephony used to keep your business running smoothly, communicating efficiently, and managing your teams to effectively serve your customers. It’s easy to see how something so embedded into your organization can be overlooked as the source of positive business impact and ongoing improvement. Check out how Dialpad and Playvox can help you transform your call center with our cloud technologies to get and stay ahead of the competition.

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