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Cure agent boredom with these 13 ideas

The truth is that boredom is an often neglected (and common) feeling that has a large role in call center turnover rates. While everyone experiences periods of boredom while on the job, you as a supervisor can use the following to help make sure these ”periods” are a less frequent occurrence.

1. Assign special duties

Find simple ways for people to help out in your center. This could be something like helping decorate for the holidays, for birthdays or other special occasions.

2. Schedule time for them

Consistently and personally meet with your agents, informal or not. Agents will get the impression you are wanting to be there for their needs.

3. Communicate

Don’t miss out on the current environment by shutting yourself in your office, away from your team. Walk around and take the time to talk to your agents when possible. Observe and interact with them to get a feel for their energy levels.

4. Cross Train

When agents know that they have opportunities to build a career, change departments or discover other jobs they become more motivated. This not only shows commitment to their growth, but it also lets them feel there is a long-term future for them at the company. Let your agents rotate through technical support, customer service and sales to help identify possible future careers.

5. Newsletters

Eliminate boredom and increase company support by keeping your staff informed about the latest events with a newsletter. Ask your staff to contribute material like work issues, tips, interviews and funny stories to keep things informative and fun.

6. Hire the right people

Sometimes getting the right people to work can be a solution for boredom. Make sure that your hiring and orientation programs are adapted to finding people who will meet your company culture, goals, and will create good relationships and help motivate the team.

7. Implement something fun!

Get ideas from your staff and create something that will help motivate them to increase productivity or sales to complete certain goals and objectives . Create contests with prizes and rewards for winners, BBQ’s, random gifts of chocolate, ice cream, games, ugly sweater day etc. Incorporate activities that help make the workplace come together and give them something to look forward to.

8. Continuously train your agents

Better prepare your agents by giving them the opportunity to increase skills in sales, customer service etc. Make it easy for them to access training on their own through the web, internally or schedule it for them.

9. Ask them

Get feedback from your agents to help you brainstorm ideas to improve the work environment and understand what motivates and bores them. Then listen to them!

10. Unnecessary training

Agents can become bored with training that isn’t relevant and is ineffective. Take a good look at what you’re offering and understand if it is actually improving their skills and effectiveness.

11. New technology

Call Center work is repetitious. An agent may take 100 calls in a day with 70 of them repeating the same thing over and over again. Investigate and invest in integration’s where the agent only has to play automated pre-recordings to help guide the caller. Get new tech to help improve quality and make their jobs easier and more fun! Like Gamification. Find out more here.

12. Customers

If you have an online customer community base, have your agents go and communicate with them. Sure, your agents are on the phone with them all day, but you can also increase customer satisfaction and alleviate boredom.

13. Exercise

It gives you energy. Let your agents take the time to get up and walk around every so often to help keep their mind and body healthy.

Most call centers want to make work a good place for their agents. So, by recognizing that boredom can contribute to turnover, just be willing to take on the challenge to recognize and learn how to change it to improve your call center environment. Just remember, happy agents make happy customers.

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