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Are you Demotivated? This blog post is exactly for you.


Sometimes, you just don’t want to work. You lie in bed and process why you’re dreading going in. You’ve had a bad week or maybe you’ve been miserable from day one. Regardless, something has changed and the thought of stepping out of bed makes your stomach turn. Maybe one of the following is a reason why…


No Direction

Your targets or goals are vague or unrealistic and you feel you have really no way to achieve them. Maybe you weren’t trained sufficiently, or you don’t have the support. Either way, you’ve lost your confidence and ambition. It’s hard to take pride in your job when you have no idea what your doing.

No Kudos

Did you work really hard on a great project only to have your credit shrugged off or unfairly given to someone else? Or maybe no one seems to recognize the effort you put in day after day in an incredibly tough job. If there isn’t enough praise or if you feel like the work you do is never appreciated or recognized, why try?

No Social life

Too many hours. You live, breath and think about work. You have no time for your family or friends. You’re burned out, exhausted and overburdened which renders you unable to perform your duties well.

No Teamwork

In the beginning you had a great team and great management and communication. Then, a few good employees leave and are replaced by a few schmucks that take no pride and interest in their work and disrupt the once positive work environment. You feel like people don’t help each other, your manager micromanages and doesn’t trust anybody. 

No $$$

You’ve realized that for the work you do, that check seems to be missing a number or two. You feel your salary levels verses your overall performance are not adequately compensated. Or, maybe you’ve been a dedicated employee for many years, but are still waiting for that promotion.

No Challenge

What you thought was a great opportunity to use your abilities, now feels like a waste of time. You want to feel like work can be challenging, and feel frustrated from not getting the satisfaction when you’re using your brain to its full extent.

You can be demotivated by one reason or a combination of many. Not every job will be a perfect fit, but having too many demotivating factors will wear you out and ultimately affect work performance and possibly other areas of your life. It’s important for you and/or your company to recognize what’s causing difficulties and identify how to help solve them.

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