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E-Learning Tools and Online Training For Your Customer Service Team

Good e-learning tools for customer service are an important part of business success in today’s world. By 2020, customer experience will be more important than price or product as a key brand differentiator. How do you train your staff to provide the best customer service?

Make it fun. Make it convenient to access. Finally, make E-learning tools for customer service easy to set up and monitor. You can set up formal courses for your staff to attend or quick on-the-job tutorials they can refer to at any moment during the day.

An effective online customer service training program incorporates a number of essential features to create the most value for customers, staff, and management.


Let your staff interact with virtual customers

Design branching scenarios for training that allows your customer service staff to follow out the consequences of their actions. You should have well-thought-out sequences reflecting real situations that come up with customers. The more realistic, the better – dialogue and situations should be as relatable as possible.

E-learning tools for customer service let your staff practice their skills with no risk of alienating real customers. If they make mistakes, they’ll receive immediate feedback and assistance to correct and improve without any harm done.


Simulations help teach service skills

Interactive simulations give your team a chance to practice their empathy and listening skills. These can’t be taught in a traditional classroom environment. Your staff can also practice using the tools, equipment, and resources they’ll need when they start the job for real.

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Offer speedy knowledge base solutions

Sometimes, your staff requires quick help for a specific problem. They might need to know how to perform an unusual task within your system, or have a look at the manual for a product a customer is having trouble with. These online tutorials should be short and easy to absorb.

After all, your rep might have a customer waiting on the line while they research what needs to be done.


Give them all the latest information on products and services

Your customer service team needs to have all your product and service updates at their fingertips. As far as the customer is concerned, each rep is the voice of your company.

If your agent shows ignorance in front of the customers, it makes your company seem disorganized and uncaring. It’s also frustrating for the customer. They called your customer service line looking for an answer and your reps should be able to give them one.

E-learning tools for customer service let you design product knowledge training modules your staff can easily fit into their schedules.


Create an extensive video library

Videos let you explain complex processes in a fun, simple, step-by-step manner. You can use videos to show the best method to follow. You can also use them to illustrate what not to do. Asking your reps to figure out where a customer interaction went wrong can stimulate their creativity and problem-solving skills.

These are a number of tools that make it easy to set up a good training program.


Must-have e-learning tools for customer service

Productivity tools

Tools such as Trello allow you to easily organize complex projects that require buy-in from multiple staff members or departments. Create color-coded cards with lists of tasks to be done and add or remove team members on each card. Trello is free and intuitive to learn and use.


Cloud storage tools

Google Drive is a secure place to store e-learning materials. It can be accessed from anywhere in the world, making it easy for staff members who travel or work remotely. You can be confident you’re using the most recent version of a document, and you don’t have to track down another team member to get it.


Integrated QA tools

Playvox is a quality-assurance software that integrates with Zendesk, Salesforce, LiveChat and more. Its LMS feature allows you to create online courses for your customer service.

You can attach any type of file you want to your classes, including images, videos, and audio files. Course quizzes and reports help you keep track of your agent’s progress, while Karma points turn learning into a fun game.

You can create invitation lists for all your classes. Each agent can get a customized learning program tailored to their strengths and weaknesses. Playvox allows you to see everyone’s progress and quiz results at a glance, as well as generating data-driven reports so you can monitor your e-learning program.


Scheduling tools

Google calendar lets you plan out training sessions and keep up with other team members. You can easily add notes, and send text notifications or repeating reminders. This app is popular and compatible with a variety of devices, so you don’t have to worry about getting others to adopt it. 


Content creation tools

Camtasia is video-editing software that allows you to record what’s happening on your computer screen. You can take your agents through the process step by step, and create interactive clickable areas on the video. Camtasia also features fun animations and quizzes to test the viewer’s knowledge and add interest to the course.

Data-visualization tools

Tableau lets you make attractive infographics and other types of data presentations. You can clarify your data in a visual way without forcing your audience to absorb and understand number streams that might be difficult for them.


HTML5-compatible tools

Elucidat is an e-learning authoring software that helps you create online and mobile courses that work well with HTML5. Flash is increasingly out of date, and HTML5-based content loads fast on a variety of devices.

E-learning tools for customer service help you create training programs that will hone your team’s skills to the competitive edge they need to survive in today’s marketplace.

Which e-learning methods and tools did you find most useful? If there’s something you’re using which we haven’t mentioned, be sure to let us know in the comment box down below!

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