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Filter your Zendesk campaign ticket details with PlayVox Workloads

Your work becomes easier when your important KPI ticket information is transparent and easy to understand.

Filter Zendesk Tickets 

Workloads, a new feature we’ve released in the Performance app, lets you have access to just that. This new tab can be found in the PlayVox campaign dashboard and lets you organize and filter Zendesk tickets that all or a particular group of agents have. You not only can see their overall workload, but how well they are handling solving the tickets.
You have several options to sort through your ticket types. These include Problem, Incident, Task and Question. See how the ticket priority is being solved.
filter your zendesk campaign ticket details with playvox workloads

Visualize performance 

Based on your previous selection, you can see how individual agents are performing with their tickets. This includes details like, how many tickets they’ve solved, are open etc. Each agent is given a percentage indicating their workload. Higher percentage means higher workload. You can easily communicate with them in this moment by sending them a notification or message, or reward good performance if you see it.
filter your zendesk campaign ticket details with playvox workloads

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