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How Slack Empowers Customer Service Teams to Effortlessly Move Operations to Work From Home

In the business world, Slack has come on strong in recent years and is a nerve center for communications and notifications from systems throughout an organization.

As the center for communication for employees and team members, Slack makes it easy to get in touch with anyone instantly whether that employee is in the office or working remotely, which makes it perfect work from home tool.

Business News Daily describes Slack as a “messaging app on steroids” that has made it convenient for companies to transition from the office to the home. Having messaging and apps within a business, either small or large, is giving companies an alternative to having their employees return to brick and mortar buildings.

Moving to Remote Work Made Easy

Tons of companies are making the switch to work from home given the current state of the world and utilizing Slack as part of that transition. This very scenario of a company that switched to working remotely happened in January 2020 when Unity switched its entire workforce of 3,400 across 17 countries from the office to their homes. This also includes its 31 contact center agents.

Unity, a 3D developer platform, credited Slack with ease of keeping their staff together and engaged and here’s the real kicker – Unity made the change from office to home in less than a week.

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In addition to its main #unity-all Slack channel, which went from 120,000 messages a day to more than 175,000 due to remote work, they have created useful work from home channels such as tips, parents, and caring for toddlers while working.

These are examples of workers connecting through channels on Slack, but there’s more than just chatting as the average remote worker can find plenty of Slack apps and integrations useful. Even smaller companies can use up to 40 applications like expense reports, HR requests to tools designated to their line of work. One survey says SaaS companies average at least eight applications used.

Slack’s app directory has more than 2,000 and includes many useful work from home tools such as Zoom conferencing, Google Drive, and others.

Using Slack in Contact Centers

But how can a chat system play an integral part in contact center operations?

Slack and QA software are a key element in cloud contact centers. Talkdesk is another company that utilizes Slack integration to send custom alerts and notifications to users and channels based on Talkdesk events. For example, when the wait time is longer than five minutes, notifications can be sent, leading to decreased waiting times and immediate assistance for VIP customers.

Apps for Slack can fill other roles through integrations into other QA software with live chat, ticketing, and easy-to-use evaluation of staff.

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Good evaluation reports can empower managers with different types of data in a fast, user-friendly format. Managers can view changes in performance, the progression of employees, and overall impact of QA on the team without having to scour pages of complex information.

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