How to Gamify Your Call Center To Keep Agents Motivated

How to Gamify Your Call Center To Keep Agents Motivated

Gamifying the workplace is about making work feel a little bit less like work and rewarding a job well done. When we were young, we were taught things in the form of games as it allowed us to better understand the concepts. Gamifying learning kept us engaged.

Why should this change once we become adults?

This doesn’t mean that the workplace becomes an entertainment center where nothing is taken seriously. But it means that you are able to drive more engagement amongst your staff and establish a culture where they look to continuously improve in order to be rewarded on an ongoing basis.

With this in mind, some tasks that are easier to gamify than others. Jobs, where performance metrics can easily be established, are ideal.



Why you should gamify your workplace


Creates healthy competition

We have an innate nature to want to win and be the best. Gamifying the workplace where employees have a clear eye on the prize is a great way to start some healthy competition and motivate staff to improve their performance.

Just make sure to set up gamification in your workplace in such a way that people are not putting each other down.


Encourages creativity

Gamification in the workplace activates creativity by encouraging employees to think outside the box and extend beyond their capabilities and job responsibilities.

It increases productivity and although it isn’t about playing Jumanji, it does make work more enjoyable. As a result, you will have staff that like what they do, that put in the effort and that are more engaged.


Get performance insights

A great benefit of gamifying work activities in the office is that it gives you the opportunity to establish metrics and measure employee performance. You will be able to see who are meeting target goals and who could benefit from a little extra training and coaching. It’s a great way to measure employee performance without staff feeling like they are being observed.

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Creates team collaboration

I used to work at an office where we would have a lot of team buildings filled with learnings. In every team building, we were organized into groups and asked to collaborate. As a result, we bonded outside the office, learned more about the company and when it was time to address more serious issues in the office, there was more understanding and cooperation.


Staff feel more accomplished

When you set visible and clear performance metrics, employees can see how well and how far they can get. Maybe they didn’t know how well they were actually doing.

Setting metrics lets them know how much they are actually able to do, and it can actually become a bragging point and something they can feel proud of. 


How to gamify your workplace

Playvox software helps your organization gamify staff’s daily performance in the following ways:


Gamify learnings

Trainings don’t have to be in a classroom anymore. Create engaging learnings with dynamic material including a mix of videos, discussions, and short multiple choice tests that lets users know how well they’re getting on.

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Gamify customer interactions

Gamifying customer interaction lies in the power of direct customer feedback. For example, our quality software at Playvox enables customer service agents to receive immediate Voice of the Customer after every interaction in the form of a star rating.

This means that each customer interaction can potentially activate your staff’s reward center of the brain and motivate them to keep up the good work or continue improving.

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Gamify performance

With the right incentives, performance can also be gamified and not feel so much like a monitoring system.

Setting achievable performance metrics for your staff establishes clear goals of where they need to get within any given amount of time.

Add to the mix the right rewards, allow your staff to compare their metrics and you’ve got yourself the competition of the year.

Used the right way and depending on your organization’s culture, metric comparison can be a great motivator and increase productivity exponentially.

By allowing staff to have an overview of their performance compared to their teammates helps themselves into perspective so they can self-analyze. It also avoids the element of surprise during feedback meetings.

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Reward through point redemption

Gamification within the work environment is even more entertaining when there are rewards! Establish different prizes based on the difficulty of metrics. Prizes can be very powerful given that they are attainable and of interest.

Playvox’s software allows you to reward staff members with any given number of points according to metrics and actions performed on the platform.

Staff can earn different points based on the actions completed which they can later cash in for prizes. Whether it be food, a morning off, or something even bigger, you decide what you’re team gets rewarded for and how they get rewarded.

Gamifying the workplace isn’t about playing games. It’s about stimulating and constantly lighting up the reward system of the brain to boost employee confidence, happiness, and productivity for a more enjoyable workplace.

Do you gamify your workplace? What do you do to reward and keep your staff engaged?




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