How Upwork Improved Customer Service And Upskilled Agents With Playvox

How Upwork Improved Customer Service And Upskilled Agents With Playvox

Upwork is a premier freelancing website for business worldwide looking to hire and work with talented, independent professionals.


The company provides a diverse and dynamic working environment for its team of over 150 agents who work on-site and remotely to meet Upwork’s customer service support expectations.


However, having a remote team meant they needed a unique QA management solution. Playvox proved to be the right fit, providing Upwork with a comprehensive quality monitoring software designed to engage their agents and transform their remote call center operations.


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1. Improved customer service and agent skills development

The modern customer is demanding with high user experience expectations. Upwork ensured optimal customer-agent interactions through their staff’s skill development. Using Playvox’s intuitive training platform allowed Upwork to hold immediate coaching sessions when needed  and the Knowledge Base allows managers to place useful trainings that can be used and referred to by agents at any point in time.


“A better prepared and knowledgeable agent translates to better customer experiences in general.” explains Amanda James, Manager of Executive Escalations at Upwork, “Playvox allows the agent to see the evaluation results, review the interaction and communicate with the evaluator all in one place. The impact of the improvement suggestions resonates as a result.”


When agents are prepared and knowledgeable about policies and services, a great customer service experience is created organically.


2. Engage remote customer service teams

Uwork’s customer support staff operate remotely. And although this comes with many benefits, it can sometimes be a struggle to find the right mix of tools and a management style to effectively communicate with and engage remote teams in order to prevent them from feeling isolated or detached from the organization.


Upwork explains, “before Playvox, there was very little contact between the CS and QA teams, which created some challenges.”

To engage their remote teams, Upwork uses the Playvox community wall to encourage team comradery and participation. “The community wall tool helps keep the agents engaged and interested in their own progress and improvement.”

Engagement has also increased due to Playvox’s reporting tool, which has created a environment of friendly competition as agents can see the goals they’ve met and where they stand compared to their team members.

3. Integration with existing tools

Time spent switching between different applications is a serious productivity killer. Upwork wanted to improve their quality monitoring process by eliminating the unnecessary steps in the process.

With the Playvox third-party integrations available, Upwork was able to integrate their existing software, InContact and ZenDesk, making quality monitoring a simpler task.


“The integrations are an amazing time saver,” explains Amanda James, “everything we need to evaluate an interaction is within Playvox. This has saved a great deal of time not having to toggle between local media players and Playvox or Zendesk.”


4. Eliminating spreadsheets

Looking to continuously improve their customer service, Upwork handled multiple tools to measure customer satisfaction which were needed to be aligned with their quality monitoring.


As Upwork’s main focus lies in agent development and training, Playvox was able to simplify the businesses training and evaluation processes, allowing them to focus on their team and expedite the evaluation process.


“Before, we used a combination of spreadsheets, email and screenshots to evaluate and communicate the results to agents and leads.” explains Amanda. “[Now] our team is efficient, which allows us to also focus on fostering a collaborative relationship through contests, recognitions, and open discussions.”


Playvox has collaborated with Upwork to link both the training and quality monitoring process in order to instantly measure the results and improve on them. As a result, it has helped Upwork accelerate its training and feedback, improving its customer service quality faster than before.


“Our processes have been simplified […] Playvox allows an expedited evaluation process. [Before] our previous processes didn’t allow for such collaboration and coaching services.”


Since choosing Playvox as their QA platform of choice, Upwork has transformed their customer service. Their teams now have greater room for collaboration, measurable goals and progress that can be managed.

But best of all, Upwork’s customers will continue to have access to highly skilled agents who can quickly and accurately solve all their queries.

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