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Live Chat: Why It’s A Must And How You Should Be Using It

Live chat should no longer be an innovative support channel. It’s a must. Live support gives clients the chance to receive immediate answers to their questions, without having to wait 24-48 hours.

Today, live support is a channel expected from clients. Gone are the days when phone customer service was enough to address concerns. Nowadays, everyone expects answers effortlessly and immediately. A recent study showed that 44% of consumers stated that having their questions answered by a live person during an online purchase was a key feature to making a purchase. In fact, 63% of customers say they’re more likely to return to a website if it offers live chat customer service.

So if that doesn’t convince you to start offering live chat support service, maybe this will…


The benefits of live chat customer support

1. Save money and increase efficiency

Live chat support allows agents to juggle more than one customer at a time. They can switch between multiple chat windows putting fewer clients on hold and answering several customers at a time.


Doing so reduces the time spent on each customer interaction. Plus, as agents are able to handle multiple calls at the same time, you can save on staff expenses while maintaining quality customer service.

2. Increase sales

Live chat has been shown to increase the number of sales and average order value for businesses. Customers with doubts about the product or service can enter in a conversation with the company right away to have any doubt clarified before making their decision. It helps them move along the customer journey.

It’s easier to sway a customer who is on the fence and strike when it’s hot, instead of answering the next day. Not to mention, live chat also helps to upsell, as agents can suggest other products that customers may be interested in based on what they have previously viewed on the website.

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3. Stand out from the crowd

As obvious as live chat may seem for businesses, live chat support service is still not very common. Many companies don’t offer live chat yet.


Take advantage of this and distinguish yourself from your competitors by offering a live support service. A customer who is shopping around is more likely to be swayed by a website offering live chat, as they can talk with a real person instantly and resolve their concerns on the spot.

It’s a small investment that can give you a big edge.


4. Connect with customers

You can enter in a conversation with customers on social media but live chat somehow seems just a bit more intimate. 

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Chat support offers an excellent opportunity to communicate one-on-one with customers. This kind of personal communication helps create a stronger bond between the company and the customer.

Customers know they’ll receive personalized help creating happier customers and more repeat business for you.

If you’re ready to make the leap to live customer service, here’s a few tips to creating a great chat service the ensure quality customer service.


How to Use Live Chat

1. Tackle the challenges of written and live support

Just like phone support, agents also need training for live chat. Apart from intact spelling and grammar, more subtle communication practices must be acquired. Things such as tone can easily be misinterpreted when writing, therefore clarity is key.


Sarcasm and other nuances which can be picked up over the phone are hard to detect in writing.

Agents should also be able to communicate to the client frequently and keep them updated on progress. If an agent must consult a question, it’s important that they tell the client they are doing so and check back after a few minutes if they need additional time.

2. Be human

Customers reach out through live chat support to contact a human, not a robot.

Apart from agents introducing themselves and asking the client what they need help with, they should avoid scripted texts. Customers easily pick up on it and hate it. If it was obvious on the phone, it’s even more so through chat.

Scripted answers should serve as a guide but agents should be able to improvise and be natural. By doing so, it makes the conversation more personal.


3. Adapt to the customer

Don’t think you have to be connected 24/7. If you know your clientele and their shopping habits, you might only need to be connected within a certain time frame every day.

Based on this, you can determine when you’ll need more manpower and schedule agents according to traffic fluctuations.

4. Collect data

Live chat is great for improving and providing quality customer support thanks to the data it collects. Every conversation becomes a transcript which can be analyzed much quicker than a phone conversation. Customer complaints and pain points can be spotted much easier in order to be acted right away.


Not to mention, inserting VOC surveys within chats get a much higher response rate and allows to gain a well-rounded overview of how agents are doing.

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