Make the Most of Your Call Center Quality Assurance Using this Trick

Make the Most of Your Call Center Quality Assurance Using this Trick

Quality assurance can often times be a disconnected process from the rest of the contact center operations. While quality managers are busy trying to improve agent performance, support managers are focused on keeping clients happy.

Although both managers have different responsibilities, their end goal is the same. This might not be clear at first sight as the relationship between QA and support managers is not always well-defined and often times the communication and data get lost in translation.

To keep the QA process running smoothly and transparent starting from an agent’s performance to the happy customer, here are a few tips on how to align quality and support managers for maximum results.


Quality is not the bad guy

Time and time again we have discussed how quality monitoring is constantly portrayed as a negative activity within the contact center. Agents see it as a sort of Big Brother that keeps a close eye on their every move. Yet, QA’s main purpose goes way beyond employee monitoring.


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To weigh in on this topic, we brought in Danielle Fisher, an expert in customer success strategy in call centers for over a decade:

One way to help QA monitoring move away from being seen as the villain is by having quality managers stop acting like ‘quality cops’.  QA managers can begin to do so by partnering up and creating processes and direct lines of communication with support managers.

QA should do more than pass along data. They should make it transparent for support managers to take next best actions. They should make it visible to agents in real time. The result? Accountable support leaders. Engaged agents.

Support managers should also play a part in erasing the negative image of QA assurance. As they have immediate contact with customers, they can relay the results of the implemented QA activities and their direct impact on customer service. This serves as a motivator, builds a sense of teamwork, and gives QA the credit it deserves.

How can this be done? Through manager collaboration.

Manager collaboration

Even if QA and support managers have very different responsibilities, their individual results could drastically improve if they worked together to identify performance gaps.

Forget quality managers gathering data in the form of fancy reports and passing it along to customer service managers for them to figure out what to do with the information.

There should be a regular, open, and ongoing discussion between both parties in order to create an improved performance improvement program for the agents.

A complete program comprising of well-built training, feedback and coaching sessions taking into account both the ever-changing customer needs and agent performance gaps.

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Having a transparent alliance between QA and customer support, helps both parties better do their job and connects the whole contact center so everyone feels part of the same team, working towards the same goal.

How are you working to align QA in your contact center? Share your ticks of the trade with us down in the comment box down below!

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