Metrics To Evaluate In A Customer Service Quality Scorecard

Metrics To Evaluate In A Customer Service Quality Scorecard

Scorecards help establish objective metrics to grade customer service interactions.

It’s also a transparent way to let your team know what they need to do to create perfect customer interactions every time.

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With scorecards, feedback also becomes easier as you’re able to provide measurable data and concrete examples to highlight where agents are excelling and where they can improve.

Nonetheless, building a good scorecard takes some effort and planning. Establish objectives in line with your customers’ needs and the company’s goals.

Metrics to evaluate in a customer service quality scorecard

Building a scorecard can even be a joint effort with agents. Including agent input in the process makes them feel more accountable for the metrics they will be held against.

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If you are looking to build a complete a quality scorecard, here are some generic metrics (regardless of the industry and channel that your customer service agents are engaging on.)


Metrics to Evaluate in a Customer Service Quality Scorecard


Positive language

  • Are they addressing a problem from a positive angle?
  • Are they using words like “absolutely, fantastic, terrific, etc”?
  • Are they avoiding words like “No, nothing, not, etc.”? 


  • Did they follow the script provided?
  • Did they present themselves?
  • Were they friendly?
  • Did they mention the company name?
  • Did they ask for the customer’s name?
  • Did they offer assistance?
  • Did they ask for a contact number in case they get disconnected? 

Understanding the issue

  • Did they get the information they needed to confirm the account?
  • Did they confirm the information with the customer?
  • Were they relatable?
  • Did they show empathy and/or show understanding towards the client’s case?
  • Did they understand the issue and rephrase it to confirm?

Addressing the issue

  • Did they provide a correct answer?
  • Did they provide a solution to the customer’s issue?
  • Was the offered solution complete?
  • Did they provide an easy-to-understand solution?
  • If they had to transfer the call, did they inform their colleague of the issue so that the customer did not have to repeat themselves? 

How to face a problem

  • Did they put the customer on hold for a reasonable amount of time?
  • Did they ask the customer for permission before they put them on hold?
  • Did they check in with the customer after X amount of time after putting them on hold?
  • Did they maintain a positive attitude?
  • Did they use the right choice of words?
  • Did they adhere to script?
  • Were they able to find a solution?
  • Was the customer satisfied with the solution?

Closing an interaction

  • Did they take the customer’s information to send them more details regarding how to solve their problem?
  • Did they update the CRM with the latest customer information?
  • Did they thank the customer for calling?
  • Did they use the customer’s name throughout the call?
  • Did they ask the customer if they had another question?
  • Were they courteous throughout the call?
  • Did they ask the customer if they could send them feedback? 

Client followup

  • Did they follow up with the customer?
  • Did they follow up within X amount of time?
  • Did they send them the solution via the client’s preferred channel for reference?

Creating a quality assurance or monitoring form is no easy task. Managers, team leaders and agents who build the scorecard must think of every possible scenario that can occur during a customer service interaction and how agents should react and what they should say.

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What elements do you think are key to building a quality customer service scorecard?

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