More Important Than Net Promoter Score? Agent Promoter Score

More Important Than Net Promoter Score? Agent Promoter Score

Could Agent Promoter Score be the next NPS?

Whether aiming for faster growth or increased profits, many call centers use NPS as the foundation of their framework. Net Promoter Score measures the willingness of customers to recommend your company’s products or services to others.
This metric is used to gauge a customer’s overall satisfaction and loyalty to a brand.

But with so much importance placed on NPS, could there possibly be a more important score? Not only are customers becoming increasingly savvy, but employees are becoming ever more demanding. As a result, Agent Promoter Score is the new kid on the block and it’s tackling customer service and satisfaction from the core… starting with employees.

Call centers all too often suffer from high turnover and pay the price through lower quality customer service and high training and hiring costs. As a result, they are beginning to see the need to care for the wellbeing of their employees.

After all, it is only by caring from within that we can bring truly great customer service.

Which is why we will discuss why Agent Promoter Score is the new Net Promoter score: the ability to measure the willingness of staff to recommend your place of work to their family and friends.

Why Agent Promoter Score?

Sure, your staff seems to be doing okay now. But in a dynamic workforce where true talent gets their pick and choose to their heart’s desire, it’s important to consider your staff’s needs so they are doing better than just ‘okay’.

Some companies in other sectors have understood the importance of employees satisfaction. However, the call center world is still a step behind. This can be seen as an opportunity to get ahead and stand out amongst potential candidates by offering competitive employment benefits.

Focusing on your Agent Promoter Score goes beyond creating a healthier workplace. It fosters collaboration, boosts morale, and productivity and ultimately reflects in your customer service.

How to improve Agent Promoter Score?

Although salaries are still important, it’s not the only important factor that plays on an employee’s wellbeing. Going beyond money, younger generations have new expectations as to what they want to get from the workplace.

And if you want to keep service high and turnover low, then the next part is for you.

Ergonomic Workplace

First things first, your office space will say a lot about your culture and what’s expected of staff.

Walled cubicles, a cold break room, and a separate management office immediately translate to independent work, lack of communication and hierarchy.

On the other side, a spacious open room where both staff and management collaborate, ergonomic office furniture and an offering of wellbeing activities such as yoga and meditation clearly convey open communication and valued employees.

A career path

As individuals, we all want to grow, change and evolve both personally as well as professionally. If this option is not being offered within your organization, unfortunately, staff will eventually have to look for such opportunities elsewhere.

Empower staff and help them be their best selves by providing frequent feedback, setting goals and offering a defined career path.

Make available the tools to achieve set goals. The means providing trainings and coachings. Through this method, more than a boss, you become their mentor for success. Who wouldn’t want that?

Work-life balance

Even if you can’t provide the same outlined road for staff to evolve personally, you can give them the space and time so they can do so on their own.

A balanced work-life schedule, paid leave and vacation all contribute to an employee’s well-being and happiness. If your company offers such benefits, you’re guaranteed to lower retention as statistics show that frequent vacationers are significantly less likely to leave their company.

Not only will you be able to retain talent, but you’ll also increase staff productivity. Time off lets the mind destress and employees can come back to work revitalized. Plus, employees who go on vacation more frequently have been shown to be more productive than those who don’t as they maximize their work time in the office.

Agent Promoter Score is a great way to know if your staff is truly content in your organization. Remember, a happy employee is more likely to be productive, provide great customer service and stay with the company.

The end result can lead to increase sales, customer satisfaction and a dramatic decrease in hiring and training costs.

Who wouldn’t want that?

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