Must-Have Qualities of a Great Call Center Manager

Must-Have Qualities of a Great Call Center Manager

Being a call center manager is no easy feat. Between trying to comply with SLA’s and other regulatory frameworks and motivating their call center staff, it’s easy to become overwhelmed. Call center managers must be quick on the floor but must also have clear insights and a global vision of the organization.

In order to succeed and excel at being a manager in the stressful work environment that the call center world is, let’s review the top qualities needed for a great call center manager.


Speaks from experience

It’s no mystery that being a call center agent is tough work. A manager can only understand the stress and challenges that their team faces by putting themselves in their shoes. This not only means having previous experience as a call center agent, but also by frequently working on the front lines and picking up customer calls as their agents do. By doing so, they can better understand their team’s challenges and work out the kinks on a more operational level.

Not only that but as a result, they also earn the respect of their peers as they have the first-hand experience instead of just a strategic overview of the issues their team faces.

Empowers team members

Although call center manager must be multi-faceted, it doesn’t mean they have to be the best at everything nor do everything themselves. A great leader is also one that is able to empower their team. They do so by training them to become even more skilled than themselves.

A great call center manager tries to provide all the possible tools for his team to excel in their day-to-day. They trust their team and give them the responsibility and space necessary so everyone can move freely and take pride and responsibility in their work.

At the end of the day, this not only empowers but also holds team members accountable for their actions.

Focuses on building a strong company culture

Company culture can be a reason in itself for employees to work and stay with an organization. A strong culture is like a tight family bond. People feel more committed to the cause and are proud to represent and work for their organization.

Great call center managers know this and work hard to develop that culture. They have well-defined values and abide by them. They recruit staff with the same values and strive to create a warm work environment through ergonomic spaces and social events so that the organization slowly becomes part of the staff’s identity.

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Provides good feedback

Once all is said and done, it’s important to analyze performance results. By holding each team member accountable, accurate and objective feedback can be given. The right call center manager knows that good feedback is not only about holding everyone accountable and pointing out that good or bad. The key lies in how the message is communicated.

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Remains patient

It’s easy to assume that everyone is up to speed. However, more often than not, much explaining, training and time must be dedicated for everyone to be on the same level.


This is where a good dose of patience comes in. The ideal call center manager knows this and takes the time to go over and review all necessary material with their team. They don’t take any information for granted and maintain a keen eye for anyone that needs coaching and a boost in performance.


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Stays professional

Drawing a line between personal and professional life is important. This doesn’t mean they cannot be friendly. This does mean, however, that they understand there is a way to speak, dress and act with their team and colleagues. Regardless of their relationship with staff outside of the workplace, they maintain a professional relationship within the office and decisions are never made based on personal decisions. Rather they are always based on the company’s goals and vision.


Have you had experience being a call center manager? What qualities do you find have been crucial for a successful job performance?


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