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Our Journey: Quality Management and Workforce Management Are Better Together

2021 is a watershed year for Playvox.

In the past 12 months, as we approach Playvox’s 10-year anniversary, we doubled our market footprint. Our global clients significantly expanded adoption of our workforce optimization products. We made our first acquisition to make learning fun for customer service agents. And our global team hit triple digits.

Today, I am excited to share that we have closed on $25 million in funding from Five Elms Capital. I’m also announcing that Playvox has acquired Agyle Time, the market-leading provider of cloud-native workforce management solutions.

We started this journey with a mission to make contact center agents’ jobs better.

We knew from our earliest days that an agent’s work — solving customer problems — is fundamentally human work. It’s full of empathy. Resourcefulness. Determination. Achievement. But it’s also demanding, stressful and complex. Nearly ten years ago, we set out to make agents’ work more enjoyable, more engaging, and more rewarding. To do that, we had to take on some of the hardest challenges to realize this vision.

As I reflect back on the past decade, we made three decisions that were pivotal in getting us to where we are now.

  1. Focus on the U.S. market. The easy thing would have been to keep our operations close to home, in Colombia where we got our start. When we launched the company in 2012, I spoke very little English. The U.S. market was huge. We were unknown. It was impractical to launch in the U.S. But we knew if we could win in the U.S., the most competitive SaaS market in the world, we could win anywhere.
  2. Focus on quality management. We knew that contact centers weren’t paying enough attention to motivating and inspiring their agents. We also knew that quality management was their thorniest problem. That was costing them in agent satisfaction and retention. We sought to elevate quality management to the same level as process improvement and the customer experience.
  3. Invest in human potential. Our customers. Our employees. Our partners. Our investors. We’re a family. We can serve each other from anywhere in the world. We hold firm to the belief that what helps one of us helps all of us.

Nearly ten years on from these decisions, we’re making great progress toward our vision to become the leader in cloud-native, digital-first workforce optimization solutions.

Our story with Five Elms Capital began in January 2019, and it has been a rewarding partnership. As we continue to deliver innovative products, bring on new customers, and attract top-quality talent, Five Elms supports our vision. We are grateful to Austin Gideon and Ryan Mandl for their sense of shared purpose. We’re lucky to have them serve on our board of directors.

This funding and the addition of Agyle Time to the Playvox family propels us into 2021 with new energy. And no small amount of gratitude. We are grateful for our founding team’s resilience and the support of our investors. Our partners’ collaborative spirit. Our employees’ sense of urgency and focus on the customer. And our customers themselves, each and every one across the 34 countries where we empower them to do their best work every day.

Let me tell you about Agyle Time.

The acquisition of Agyle Time perfectly complements our Agent Optimization Suite as well as our culture. The combination of quality management and workforce management for the digital-first world is game-changing. It helps contact centers around the world run better and their agents work happier.

We can now enable customers to deploy a cloud-native, digital-first workforce optimization system in days or weeks. There is no longer a need for legacy solutions that require months or years to get off the ground. With Agyle Time, we’re moving upmarket faster and more confidently.

With the investment from Five Elms Capital, we will also expand our product development, engineering, sales, customer success, and marketing teams to accelerate go-to-market activities in the global workforce optimization market. (We’re hiring.)

Nothing is stronger than Playvox culture, informed by our values.

We’re Customer First – There is only one boss: the customer. And they can fire everybody in the company from the chairperson on down, simply by spending their money somewhere else. (Sam Walton taught us this.)

‍Always Be Learning – Be 1% better every day.

Be a Good Human – We’re kind with people. We do the right things, always.

Change is Good – We don’t fear change and we love being out of our comfort zone.

Do it Now – We move fast. We don’t procrastinate. We’re determined.‍

Enjoy the Little Things – We’re grateful. We focus on what matters, and we’re present.

The opportunity remains huge. Demand for CRM-connected, omnichannel contact center agent optimization software is stronger than ever. Our resolve to make contact center agents’ work more rewarding resonates with an increasingly large number of companies in every segment of the market. .

From the moment I walked into a noisy, complicated call center more than ten years ago in Santiago, Chile, I have been determined to bring more humanity to the software used by every one of our customers. They are the driving force behind every action we take. We are both proud and humbled to serve them every day. Our story starts in the contact center. And our roots there grow ever deeper as we now rise to radically improve the agent experience.

As 2021 brings new challenges and new opportunities for contact centers, we are as committed as ever to improving agents’ work life. With both quality management and workforce management in our portfolio, we have even more ways to achieve this vision. With empathy, resourcefulness, determination and achievement.

Here we go!

Oscar Giraldo

Founder & CEO

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