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Playvox 2020 Kickoff Event an Example of Company Growth

Two photographers launched into a big task recently, arranging more than 80 people for a team photo in Manizales, Colombia.

The job of placing the people in the correct fashion ate up roughly 10 minutes of time to get everyone just right as team members from Playvox shuffled into position.

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A year ago, organizing a team photo was much easier with just a shade over 20 members. But on this mid-January, 2020 day and now 86 strong, growth was not only an operative word, it was a company theme.

Playvox, the tech company based in Manizales offering a complete Agent Optimization Suite for customer service teams, held its first “United for Growth” event kicking off the 2020 year.

At the forefront of the team photo was Oscar Giraldo, CEO and founder of Playvox.

“For me, this was my first Kick-Off ever and also the first one in Playvox history,” Giraldo said. “The theme of the event was “United for Growth” and I think the main objective of having all the Playvox team together realizing that we all are working toward a common mission and sharing the same values was priceless.”

The event was a gathering of all the Playvox employees and featured classes and seminars revolving around training and plans for the 2020 year. Roundtables with Board Chair Carol Snell and Giraldo as well as presentations from each of the departments, product sales, CSM, marketing, engineering and partners.

United for Growth also featured presentations from Serge Kruppa, Head of Account Security Engineering and Bogota Site Leader at Twilio, and Marcelino De Miguel Barreto, Senior Customer Success Executive at Zendesk.

“The first thing I noticed is the life of the company,” Zendesk’s De Miguel Barreto said. “This is something that reflects the culture of the company. The leadership believes in the people and they believe in the leadership.”

In early 2019, Playvox had 25 team members primarily based in Colombia, but now there are 86 members with 66 in Colombia, 11 in Orlando, Florida, two each in Sao Paulo, Brazil and San Francisco, and one each in Las Vegas, Indianapolis, London, Santiago, Chile and Barcelona, Spain.

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Bringing in everyone to one spot was not easy, but bringing together cultures from across the Americas to meet face-to-face looked more like a family gathering than a company who, for many, were meeting for the first time.

“Mixing people from over 10 countries with different cultures but realizing that we all share the same values and goals was amazing.” Giraldo said. “I believe we achieve our main goal with the event to build and nurture the human connections between our teammates globally.”

Giraldo stresses a welcoming culture within Playvox and at its core are the company values which are as simple as A, B, C, D, E, which stand for:

  • A.lways be learning
  • B.e a good human
  • C.hange is good
  • D.o it now
  • E.njoy the little things

Because of these values is born an idea of centering company awards around the values and those were given during the United for Growth week.

The winners were:

  • Always be learning: Mauro Giraldo, Head of Engineering
  • Be a good human: Felipe Granda, Front End Lead
  • Change is good: Steven Muñoz, Product Manager QA/Platform
  • Do it now: Juliana Diaz, Senior Field and Product Marketing Manager
  • Enjoy the little things: Juan David Alzate Cardona, Data Analyst

In addition other awards were handed out, “We are customers first” went to Juan Manuel Gónzalez and the top sales awards for Account Executive went to Luisa Giraldo and for Sales Development Representative went to Stefany Ramirez.

Squeezing 86 members into one photo took some maneuvering on the photographer’s part but the best part was just getting the family together.

“We’re distributed globally and we’re moving fast in different directions,” Playvox COO Louis Bucciarelli said. “So this was an opportunity for people to come together, take a breather and recharge for the year ahead.”


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