Playvox App for Zendesk Support | A Better Way to Run Zendesk QA from Within

Playvox App for Zendesk Support | A Better Way to Run Zendesk QA from Within

Used by more than 170,000 customers with millions of agents in the service and support divisions, Zendesk is arguably one of the most popular customer service and support products available.

Some of the fastest-growing companies in the world, like Airbnb, Birchbox, LimeBike, and Uber, rely on Zendesk to deliver stellar customer service.

But how do you ensure a consistent customer experience in fast-growing companies and in contact centers that have employee churn of 30-45%? How do you quickly and cost-effectively implement a centralized process for Zendesk quality assurance?

The Playvox App for Zendesk addresses all those issues and more, making it easy to perform and track your Zendesk QA efforts.


How Playvox Powers Zendesk Quality Assurance

The Playvox App lets Zendesk users precisely monitor, evaluate and track agent performance to ensure growth in both skills and performance. With this app, your managers and team leaders can filter the most critical support tickets and chats by call duration, first resolution time, response time, status, priority, and more – all from within Zendesk. 

Leaders can quickly uncover areas in which your agents need additional skills training with Zendesk quality assurance in place. Automated, real-time reports give your agents immediate feedback based on their specific customer interactions. 

More specifically, your team can:

  • View agent performance data in one place without having to toggle between windows.
  • View QA evaluation results alongside the corresponding support tickets.
  • Filter your most important support tickets and chats.
  • Start new Zendesk quality assurance evaluations from your ticket dashboard.
  • Provide agents with real-time performance feedback based on specific customer interactions in their evaluation results.
  • Generate reports based on evaluation results.

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There is no easier way to start and manage your Zendesk QA program. With the Playvox app, you will run your customer service/support QA in one centralized place. 1:35

Quality Assurance Is Just the Start

For those who have our Agent Optimization Suite, when you click on Playvox within Zendesk, you’ll have access to a variety of features, all in one platform:

  • QA – Correcting issues by dynamically coaching, training, and monitoring agents, improving service and customer loyalty.
  • Performance Management – Gain 360-degree views of agent skills and learning progress for complete visibility and control into contact center performance.
  • Coaching – Improve specific behavior and enhance quality and compliance by sending agents personalized coaching sessions and tracking their progress.
  • eLearning – Pinpoint and improve specific skill deficiencies and make learning easy by keeping all information and sessions in one learning space.
  • Rewards/Motivation – Boost agent morale and satisfaction by publicly recognizing and rewarding high-performing agents, thereby improving their daily performance.

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Once inside the Playvox platform, your team can see more extensive data as well as perform evaluations. As they are completed, evaluators simply hit send, and all data is sent to Zendesk in real time.

[Graphic idea: Show screenshot of evaluation data populated in Zendesk screen.]

The Playvox app within Zendesk equips QA analysts and team leaders with historical information on how support tickets and evaluations have been handled. Your staff will also have a window into the status and effectiveness of your overall QA process at any given moment. 

These new capabilities help your team deliver better service and close more sales opportunities. This integration lets you access evaluations and performance data from within Zendesk without having to jump between two different systems, saving valuable time so you can focus on motivating your agents. 

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The combination of Zendesk and the Playvox app will take your QA program to new heights. Don’t try to integrate point solutions on your own. Take advantage of our integration. You’ll know more, so you can train more. You’ll enable your agents to perform at a higher level, thereby improving your customer satisfaction scores.

How to Add Playvox to Your Zendesk Environment

Just go to the Zendesk Marketplace and install the Playvox app for Zendesk. It’s simple and only takes a minute. Then log in to your Zendesk environment, and your interactions will be available via Playvox right in your Zendesk application. On the metrics tab in its own window, the Playvox app will display overall QA scores, total evaluations, evaluations signed by agents, and performance statistics by scorecard. You can also view more details by channel, see which tickets were scored, etc. It’s that easy! 

Install Playvox for Zendesk today!

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