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Playvox Feature Release: Creating a FAQ page with a Knowledge Base

As an agent, it’s stressful to waste time searching for information that isn’t readily available, especially when pressed by a customer. At Playvox, we want to make it easy to find that information at those crucial times. So, we’re excited to help with a new feature:


Knowledge Base.


Organize content by creating a mini-FAQ page for your community. Not only can users quickly search for content when they need it, they have the opportunity to quickly ask for help.

As a Supervisor, you can quickly create Notebooks that include the topic for discussion, then create or upload unlimited Notes that contain related content to accompany the Notebook. In this way, an agent can search for a Notebook topic and locate the correct Note that has the answer they need. Or, if they still need extra help, they have the option to communicate with a Supervisor.

playvox feature release creating a faq page with knowledge base


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