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PlayVox for Zendesk: Motivate with transparent and simple reporting

Motivation and engagement are essential elements in a call center environment, and so are the tools that drive those. Performance transparency across the board gives agents the ability to see their own performance data compared to others, their goals or in a time frame.

Information transparency will drive next level service improvements.

There is a huge need for systems that instantly give feedback. It’s important that they are highly visible and provide opportunities feedback. Agents not only seek feedback and self-evaluation but there needs to be full transparency across the whole system, where everyone can provide observations on errors or excellent work. It needs to be constant, competitive and transparent. PlayVox publishes certain data for other agents to see, and detailed reporting for supervisors.

playvox for zendesk transparent and simple reporting


Easyfundraising has been using PlayVox for Zendesk for the past 4 months. Beginning in 2003 as an organization to help raise funds for charity and fundraising and has tripled in size in the last 18 months. Customer service manager Cat Burton originally came across PlayVox since she wanted to focus more on customer support and improve reporting a transparency. Already familiar with Zendesk, it was easy to implement and start a KPI campaign for her team.

“At a glance you can see how you’re doing, how your team is doing and be able to get feedback.” Burton says she can now see everything visibly on a dashboard, plus herself and her team can see how they are performing and get feedback for next steps.

PlayVox for Zendesk adds a widget to your Zendesk service desk and makes tracking your performance transparent and easy to understand. Focus on your Customers by tracking KPI’s such as First Resolution, First Reply Time, Customer Satisfaction and more to generate insight and drive service level improvements.


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