Playvox named a Leader on the G2 Grid® Report for the Fifth Consecutive Quarter in Contact Center Quality Assurance

Playvox named a Leader on the G2 Grid® Report for the Fifth Consecutive Quarter in Contact Center Quality Assurance

At Playvox, we prioritize what matters most to our customers — just like you do in your contact center! From quality management to workforce management, we strive to put not only the best, but also the most efficient and effective product on the market. That’s why our recent G2 rankings are really meaningful: people who use Playvox every day once again ranked Playvox as a leader in the Contact Center Quality Assurance market in the recent G2 Grid® Report for Fall 2021. Better yet, Playvox was ranked as the highest performer even among billion-dollar market incumbents.

g2_grid g2 fall 2021 playvox

Ensuring your customer service teams are operating with full efficiency can be a difficult task. We get it! Taking time to boost agent morale, maintain customer satisfaction, and prioritize quality assurance is a delicate balance. To help your contact center agents and leaders juggle endless tasks — and boost ROI simultaneously! — you need a tool designed to deliver

G2 users once again affirmed that Playvox is just the solution. We’ve been named a leader for the fifth quarter in a row! And while it’s exciting for us, it’s even more so for our users. Playvox leads the charts with the highest satisfaction score among contact center quality assurance products. Over nearly 500 reviews, 95% percent of users say they would recommend Playvox’s products.

G2 Reviewers Again Name Playvox a Contact Center Leader in Quality Assurance, Engagement and Performance

At Playvox, we prioritize our customers, so we strive to put not only the best, but also the most efficient and effective product on the market. Reviewers said Playvox helps them get their job done with 96% quality of support and 94% ease of use. 

Playvox was pleased to earn top rankings in Quality Assurance, Engagement and Performance:

fall g2 2021_table quality assurance


fall g2 2021_performance


We’re proud to be a leader in offering easy-to-use products for contact centers in all industries. After all, getting the most out of your contact center’s quality assurance system depends on simplicity of use! 

Playvox’s features are designed with the end-user in mind, and G2 reviewers agree. 

Furthermore, we were pleased to earn 24 badges across Overall, Enterprise, Mid-Market, and Small Business categories. Our badges included: 

  • Users Most Likely to Recommend
  • Best Relationship
  • Best Meets Requirements
  • Easiest to Use
  • Easiest Admin
  • Best Estimated ROI
  • Easiest to Do Business With
  • Easiest Setup
  • Most Implementable

We’re certainly flattered — but we’re also affirmed, because this is exactly what Playvox aims to do each day for our contact center users. And when our user experience is aligned with our goals, it’s everything for us. 


I have seen Playvox growing from a robust but simple Support QA tool to a comprehensive fancy tool covering all the grounds of quality monitoring, reporting, onboarding, learning, integrating with popular helpdesks like Zendesk. This tool will help you with whatever strategy you want to follow in your QA – having a dedicated QA Analyst, having senior team members help you as a side project, or run peer-2-peer reviews. It helped our support team double its size and keep the same high-quality level of service across the locations. It turned out to be so helpful for sharing the knowledge and make sure all the internal policies are followed.

Natalia J.

Support Operations Manager


Implementing Playvox in our Customer Service team means that we’ve been able to easily provide valuable feedback and improvement to everyone. Before Playvox it was time-consuming to do QA and it had little impact. Now we’re able to quickly & easily see how the team is doing and areas we can improve on. The setup was straightforward and support from Playvox has been good throughout. On top of QA, we’ve been able to use the E-Learning platform to roll out self-serve training which has been a game-changer for us to get new customer service team members in and up to speed.

Shanice F.

Customer Experience Specialist


I loved the insights that the platform provided me. I can have a complete analysis for my team in one place. For example, their quality level, working hours, if they have achieved their goals or not. I can also see all this information in periods, so if I want to look at how they were performing the last few weeks or the previous three days, the platform allows me to do so.

Dana A.

Team Lead


Playvox is Honored to Receive Top G2 Reviews

We deeply understand that exceptional employee engagement produces extraordinary customer experiences, and we love creating tools that help our customers unlock the full potential in every employee and every interaction. Playvox’s values continue to shape how we interact with our valued customers. Not only do we say that our customer comes first, we ensure our actions reflect it. 

A hearty thank you to our loyal customer base for allowing Playvox to, once again, reach new heights in the Quality Assurance market. We’re truly honored to have received such high scores from G2 users, and are committed to continuing to improve our systems in efforts to benefit our customers and their businesses. 

Download the G2 Grid Report to learn how our software can help you juggle the day-to-day demands of customer service operations.


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