Potential Downfalls Integrating Automated Software For Call Center Quality

Potential Downfalls Integrating Automated Software For Call Center Quality

Using automated software for call center quality insurance sounds like a sure way of managing high-volume transactions quickly and efficiently with as little error as possible. But before you implement any automated software, including speech analytics, to facilitate your quality assurance process, it’s important you be aware of the potential setbacks your call center can face so you can find the best fit for your needs.

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Let’s take a look at the potential downfalls of integrating automated software for your call center quality insurance program.

Forget skills

Perhaps this is not so much of a concern for your call center as it is for the staff who use and work with your automated software.

As we get used to living in a world where we are consistently accompanied and assisted by technology, we start to forget how to do things on our own. An obvious example of this can be seen with the use of smartphones. Grammar and punctuation skills are no longer needed. Our phones now have voice recognition which allows us to speak instead of type, and predictive text which corrects misspelled words.

Way to make us lazy!

The same applies to the use of automated software in the call center. Speech analytics software is able to replace our analytical and typing skills for example. Even if this seems harmless and perhaps even amazing, over time, as we increase our use of software within the workplace, these become skills that employees will not have a chance to develop.


High upfront costs

Automating any process within your call center quality insurance, no matter how small the process, can come at a hefty price.

The upfront cost of any software is expensive. Not to mention the time and effort it’ll take for staff to put it in place. Of course, the idea is to quickly see a return on investment as the automated software should be able to manage larger amounts of work within a smaller amount of time, and process information at a much faster rate than human capacity. The goal is for the cost to eventually be lower and the return to be higher than it would be to invest in human capital.

According to Everest group research, ROI on automated software can be up to 800 to 5500% within the first year of use. Not too shabby…

Risk of implementation failure

Although the automated software itself can sound promising, improper implementation or poor use of the software can prove otherwise. To avoid rendering your automated software useless or even worst, a waste of time and money, use all the assistance you can get for your call center quality assurance software implementation.

Contact the customer success team of your new automated software. Software companies that care about their customers will have an onboarding program and will work with you and your staff to successfully adopt and use their automation program.

There’s always tips and tricks to better use software in order to get the most for your money. Be curious and ask. You’ll be surprised what you can learn.

Compatibility, maintenance, upgrades, and downtime

You might have found the best automated software on the market. But have you checked if it can easily be integrated with your current system? Ensure that you are aware of the time it will take to integrate both systems and the onboarding process, time and learning curve to use your new software.

And before you sign the contract, read the fine print and know what will be included in your automation package for your call center quality assurance. Check for upgrade fees, customer reviews, assistance and maintenance fees.

Some software have guarantees that expire, and others only provide assistance within a given amount of time after purchase.

Others might not be all that they promised or might have a lot of downtime in their service. Find the time to read reviews, ask for references and do your research well before you compromise. And remember, most of the time, you get what you pay for


At the end of the day, the potential downfalls of using automated software for your call center quality insurance are minimal compared to the benefits. Nonetheless, it’s important to take into consideration all possible outcomes when searching for and integrating a new automated software so you can get the best fit for your call center quality insurance program.

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