Quality Assurance For Salesforce: Tips To Up Your Game With QA

Quality Assurance For Salesforce: Tips To Up Your Game With QA

Are you tired of using spreadsheets to do quality assurance for Salesforce? QA platform, such as Playvox, that integrates with your CRM, makes it quick and easy to create QA dashboards. It allows you to do all your QA from one central location. Oversee your entire team’s stats from one user-friendly board.


The value of quality assurance for Salesforce

A manufacturing company wouldn’t dream of sending out a product without putting it through a rigorous QA process. Neither would a software development company. For some companies, their ‘product’ is customer service. In this case, it’s just as important to maintain strict quality assurance standards – maybe even more so. 

Adhering to QA methods allows you to find all the defects in your business procedures.

As the saying goes: “What is measured improves.”

If you don’t know exactly what is going on, how can you change it for the better? QA lets you monitor your team and tells you how well your training program is working.

With quality assurance for Salesforce, you can keep your sales agents up to the mark and ensure that customers get the service they deserve. You can even drive data to your agents in real time. At the end of every transaction, you can request that customers fill out a quick survey evaluation. The agent gets to see how they did while everything is still fresh in mind. If you like, you can go over it together and give suggestions for improvement as well.  

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Coaching made easy with Playvox

Playvox boasts an assortment of coaching tools. Coaching isn’t just for those who are falling behind. Everyone can benefit from a good coaching session. Your top agents can get even better. Also, coaching them will let you observe just what it is they do that makes them so good. Armed with this information, you’ll be able to train your entire team in these superstar tactics.

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You can easily generate coaching forms for just one person or your entire team. Personalize each form with different coaching steps, topics, and questions depending on what each team member needs. Address each form by name so they don’t go astray and create templates for recurring coaching topics.

Playvox will show you agent statistics before and after coaching, allowing you to see your coaching program success rate at a glance. You can also see all your active coaching sessions, as well as the topic, the stage the session is in, and the number of comments and follow-ups.  

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Your team can help you improve as a coach by giving you an effectiveness rating based on how helpful they found your coaching. The Agent Satisfaction Score informs you of how they felt about your feedback.


Top-of-the-line learning tools

Quality assurance for Salesforce means keeping up will all the latest advances in technology and your industry. With the rate of change in today’s market, that means that you must always be learning. You can use Playvox to create multimedia courses on any topic. Add videos, images, and audio files to keep it interesting and finish off with a quiz to test your team’s knowledge.


When you’ve finished creating your course a couple of clicks lets you invite team members to attend and keeps track of your schedule. You can generate data-driven reports and graphs that show you how each member, and the team as a whole, is doing.

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Playvox’s learning dashboard shows each staff member their progress and performance with easy-to-understand graphics. Everything they need to keep track of their progress is easily visible:

  • The average score from all the courses they’ve taken
  • How far along they are in completing their sessions
  • Pending sessions
  • Their effectiveness rating for passing courses
    • By the deadline
    • With the minimum required test scores
  • How they stack up against everyone else


Drive excellence by motivating your agents

The Playvox Motivation features make maintaining top performance fun and engaging for agents and supervisors. Quality assurance for Salesforce doesn’t have to be dreary and regimented.

Playvox’s Karma Points program lets your agents get that addictive ‘upvote high’ from doing their job.

When a user scores karma, a small red heart flashes on their screen. They earn karma points in a variety of ways. You can set your karma requirements as you wish.

Think of the sort of behavior you want to foster in your team and reward it. For instance, for new hires it should be easy – they could earn points by acknowledging their quality evaluation results. In general, it’s a good idea to reward examples of employee engagement such as:

  • Obtaining high-quality results
    • participating in the evaluation process 
    • Making helpful comments
  • Coming up with ideas
    • How to improve services and sales
    • How to improve procedures within the company
    • How to increase morale
    • How to fix problems
  • Completing learning courses
    • Scoring well on quizzes
  • Finishing coaching sessions
  • Obtaining good performance results in all Playvox modules

You can also use karma points to reward agents for a job well-done. Motivate staff to increase the quality metrics of your choice. Karma makes quality assurance for Salesforce easy and natural. Leaderboards show how everyone is doing, thereby promoting a spirit of healthy competition. Even peers can give public recognitions if they see another agent is outperforming team scores or is helping other agents improve their performance. 

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Karma points can be redeemed at the Playvox Karma Store for prizes or the chance to enter competitions or raffles. You can set the prizes to be whatever you want – from extra vacation time to the chance to win a new car. Playvox also supports gift cards from over 240 popular retailers, including Amazon, Nike, and Starbucks.

Increase agent productivity and improve customer experience with quality assurance for SalesforceQA is beneficial for every aspect of business, from the smallest to largest. Good-quality data keeps you grounded in reality while you make big plans for the future. Playvox makes it easy to set up your QA systems so that you can focus on your core goals. Your business benefits. Your staff benefits. Your customers benefit. It’s a win for everybody.

Already using a quality assurance tool for Salesforce? How was it changed your workflow? Tell us about it in the comment box below!


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