7 Smart Ways to Reduce Call Center Turnover Forever

7 Smart Ways to Reduce Call Center Turnover Forever

With call center turnover rates at 25%-35%, it can be a challenge to maintain quality customer service. The success of your organization depends on your staff, and if you are experiencing high turnover rates, you need to ask yourself why and how can you reduce call center turnover.

Not to mention, high call center turnover rates are heavy on the wallet. Between hiring, training, benefits and salaries, it is estimated that up to a quarter of annual staff expenses can go down the drain.

Higher expenses aren’t the only side effect of high call center turnover. Your customers also feel the difference. It’s hard maintaining a top-notch quality service if your staff doesn’t have the time to develop and perfect their skills.

With that said, one of your main call center objectives should be to reduce call center turnover rates low and focus on employee retention.

7 Smart Ways to Reduce Call Center Turnover Forever

Here are several methods to effectively retain call center staff and reduce call center turnover rates.

1. Create a Strong Company Culture

Your company culture sets the tone for how employees communicate within the organization, how often they receive training and their work-life balance.

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Make your organization a place where potential candidates and staff want to work. If you have a culture that promotes growth, then talk about training, career development, and 360-degree feedback.

If your company is all about work-life balance, then perhaps an ergonomic office space, reduced hours, and a great vacation package is the way to go.

Creating a well-defined culture can help you attract agents that are on board with your mindset and goals, thus reducing call center turnover rates.

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2. Define Your Ideal Employee Profile

The entire hiring and onboarding process can be a costly expense. The higher your call center turnover, the more you’ll have to recruit.

If you have an established, well-defined company culture, it becomes easier to outline the ideal employee profile for your company.

Retention begins from the core. Know your employee profile and where to look for them. Consider the candidate’s personality, cultural fit within your company and skills for the job.

Also, take the time to define the ideal traits you are looking for in your employees and map out the right interview strategy to spots these traits.

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A lot can be observed from a thorough job interview. So-called “behavioral interviews” can often be the most effective way to uncover personality traits.

For example, if you ask a call agent applicant to describe a specific situation in which they have had to deal with a difficult customer or co-worker, how they handled it, and how it turned out, you can often gain valuable insights into how they react to stress or conflict.

Be clear about the job description and expectations of the job. You don’t want your candidate to feel overwhelmed or disappointed once they begin. It’s best they know what to expect.

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3. Use the Right Training Methods

If you haven’t yet adopted a regular training schedule for your employees, it’s time to get on board. Not only will your customers reap the benefits of amazing customer service, but there are are a number of reasons why proper training can help reduce call center turnover.

The first reason being properly trained agents feel more competent and are less likely to quit.

The second being providing ongoing training develops your team professionally and personally, making them feel more fulfilled at work. And happy employees are more likely to stay within your organization.

So how do you go about training your staff? Delivering standard classroom training doesn’t quite cut it anymore. In order to keep your staff engaged, your training methods should range from team building, on-the-job training, company events, reenactments, and multimedia content.

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Using several training methods will not only keep your staff informed, but they’ll also be able to better absorb the information and apply it to their day-to-day.

4. Give Employees the Right Tools

Providing the right tools for employee success means having good leaders, effective software, and tried and proven processes.

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Having a smooth structure in place lets staff integrate easily and perform their jobs to the best of their abilities without having to sweat the small stuff.

Factors such as CRM system delays, or communication issues between departments or within management can be a roadblock for staff and be a major stress factor. As a result, call center agents find themselves unable to do their job to the best of their abilities and will be more likely to feel disengaged and unattached.

5. Reward Good Behavior

Positive affirmation lets employees know what they should do more. Instead of bringing attention to the bad, focus on highlighting what you would like to see out of them.

Fostering a culture of positive reinforcement is a great way to keep positive morale within the office.

You can choose to reward good behavior through financial rewards such as bonuses or gift cards, or offer non-monetary prizes such as days off, shorter work hours, food, or even assigning them to the shift or assignment of their choice.

6. Set a Career Path

We all strive to grow and improve ourselves continuously. Keep things interesting and give your employees a goal.

Providing promotion opportunities lets your staff align their goals with your company’s.

Establish goals that can be easily measured and review them periodically. A well-defined feedback process allows you to check on your teams’ progress and see how you can help them achieve their goals.

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Providing promotion opportunities serves to reduce your call center turnover, motivating employees to reach the next level, whether it means a bigger salary or greater responsibility.

Employees should not only be rewarded, but given the opportunity to a career path. Having a goal of growth gives staff a long-term goal that aligns with your company, while KPIs and rewards are more short-term.

7 Smart Ways to Reduce Call Center Turnover Forever

7. Hold An Exit Interview

Employees who are no longer committed to your call center are more likely to share their thoughts about their experience in the workplace.

Take advantage of this moment by asking them to describe their experience and what could have been done better on both sides. Use this feedback to improve the experience for the next round of hires.

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