Salesforce Service Cloud and Playvox Workforce Management Collaboration Gives CX Leaders Best of Breed Salesforce WFM Salesforce WFM

Salesforce Service Cloud and Playvox Workforce Management Collaboration Gives CX Leaders Best of Breed Salesforce WFM

Customer experience leaders are more challenged than ever. They are under constant pressure to reduce operational overhead costs, lower recruiting, onboarding and training costs – all while exceeding customer demands and delivering exceptional customer service. 

When contact center managers look to decrease overhead, they think first to eliminate manual processes through automation. They also look to consolidate solutions through pre-built integrations. In combination, these often boost customer service agents’ efficiency and help improve KPIs. They also work to lower agent recruiting, onboarding and training costs because these are some of the highest cost areas in the customer service center. Meanwhile, CX leaders never take their eyes off customer KPIs, such as first contact resolution (FCR), retention, and satisfaction. 

Balancing Service Levels with Customer Demands

While these are some of the smartest actions a contact center manager can take, they are also some of the hardest to execute well. Oftentimes, agent satisfaction and engagement take a hit when cost-cutting happens, so it’s critical for customer service leaders to ensure they are balancing their efforts for the best outcomes all around. 

Putting the customer at the center of decision making and operational improvements, CX leaders across the customer service industry are connecting their CRM with their workforce management systems more frequently to enable a 360 degree view of their business and their day-to-day operations.

With one of the largest market shares in the contact center industry, Salesforce is the go-to option for contact center leaders around the world to manage customer support cases, and an omnichannel approach to CX, including voice, chat, email and SMS messaging. And recently, Playvox announced a global collaboration with Salesforce to deliver a powerfully simple way to achieve efficiency and effectiveness in contact centers that run Salesforce. 

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Salesforce and Playvox Workforce Management 

The Salesforce WFM collaboration enables Salesforce customers to more efficiently manage forecasting, scheduling, adherence, capacity planning, and long-term scheduling within Salesforce, along with the ability to easily make changes in real-time, based on Playvox’s AI-driven technology. 

With this unique solution pairing, Salesforce-powered contact centers can now have a digital-first, cloud-native workforce engagement suite, which also includes quality management and coaching. The end result is a true omni-channel and case-centric solution that puts customers first while also keeping agents front and center.

With a 360 customer view, AI-driven forecasting and scheduling for digital channels. CX leaders have real-time operational visibility and unified coaching and quality management processes. This means that customer service professionals are empowered to provide better customer experiences, while managers can forecast and schedule with greater accuracy. The Salesforce + Playvox collaboration also provides a full view of all interactions – digital, multi-step asynchronous and synchronous. This has a direct impact on gained efficiencies and reduced costs.

Salesforce Service Cloud and Playvox Workforce Management Collaboration Gives CX Leaders Best of Breed Salesforce WFM Salesforce WFM

Solving Your Top CX Challenges

If you’re considering connecting Salesforce with your workforce management solution, start by determining whether these rank among your top contact center challenges:

  • Accurately forecasting staff across all the channels in my business
  • Gaining real-time insights into actual volume to adjust as needed
  • Automated scheduling across all channels, based on actual metrics, to save time and effort

These challenges are among the most commonly addressed  with Salesforce plus Playvox WFM integration. In addition to accurately forecasting and scheduling omnichannel Salesforce work loads, the combination enables a seamless user experience to view work schedules. . Playvox WFM engages the workforce through flexible scheduling and shift swapping options that align to the business rules. . 

With Salesforce and Playvox WFM, you can evolve your operation with dynamic, integrated planning.  Playvox WFM moves at the speed of your business, elevating capacity planning from a one-and-done silo to an integrated and dynamic solution that evolves with changing hiring conditions. When capacity planning, you’ll no longer need to upload changes manually. Capacity Planner uses historical and forecast volumes from the Playvox solution, along with actual schedule configurations and agent availability and skills. You also have the ability to quickly see the impact of potential changes to shrinkage and absence on your workforce availability. This information is then color coded for easy interpretation, allowing for differing scenarios.

As Salesforce and Playvox WFM work in concert, contact center managers and WFM directors have the benefit of more engaged and empowered agents who are also more compliant with scheduling needs. Salesforce and Playvox WFM ultimately reduce costs by decreasing agent attrition through engaging teams via real-time visibility and flexible shift scheduling options.

Managers can also fix operational issues with intuitive dashboards.Gain the visibility you most need. No matter what shifts might happen in your contact center, our real-time insights help you adjust and stay on track. Our simple, interactive dashboard covers the KPIs you need to

master planning and performance including shrinkage, adherence, workstreams, occupancy, service levels, and forecast accuracy. Playvox’s out-of-the-box reports let you run your support center more efficiently and cost effectively. 

Salesforce Service Cloud and Playvox Workforce Management Collaboration Gives CX Leaders Best of Breed Salesforce WFM Salesforce WFM

Bringing It All Together

Finding new ways to reduce costs while optimizing service levels, customer demands, and customer loyalty has become a critical path for contact centers. The Salesforce + Playvox combination is an ideal way to find additional cost savings without compromising your operations. 
Learn more about how Salesforce WFM can help your organization, and request your custom demo today.

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