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5 Quality Analyst Skills To Look For When Hiring For Your Support Team

If you’ve just established a QA program for your customer support service team, you’re probably looking forward to keeping up the good work and looking for a talented candidate to help you maintain and improve the procedures in place.

This means that you need QA analysts to monitor the quality of your customer service support center. 

So the next step is to figure out what quality analyst skills are needed to perform their job well?

Let’s review the skills to look for when hiring a QA analyst for your support team.

1. A Quick Learner

The qualities of a QA analyst must have a global overview of the company. They must learn the procedures that agents follow, the SLA agreements in place, and have a complete understanding of the QA process and procedures established.

This can be an overload of information for some. Which is why you need someone who can learn a large amount of information fast. It is only by knowing all the procedures in place that they will perform at the maximum of their capacity.

2. Attention to Detail

QA analysts will listen to calls and monitoring the customer service of your organization. It’s easy to enter automatic mode while reviewing hundreds of calls and emails.

As a result, look for someone that pays attention to detail. They need to pick out the good and the bad from the vast amount of information they’ll be processing regularly.

3. Analytical

In order to put all the collected data to good use, QA analysts need to be analytical. It’s no good collecting information if it’s not used to improve and correct customer service.

The QA analyst must be able to spot trends and tendencies within the data. Whether it be things that are working, need improvement or new customer surging trends, a QA analyst is the go-to person to spot tendencies. 

4. Good Coaching and Communication Skills

A QA analyst is a people person. Not only are they performing quality monitoring, but they are the link to the chain between management and frontline staff. They make sure the entire organization stays aligned.

A skill of a quality analyst is to facilitate communication between management and frontline staff and also take on the role of being a coach. QA analysts work directly with front line agents to improve customer service faux pas and recognize a job well done. They must have the right touch to point out improvements by empowering staff and not hurting feelings instead.

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5. Empathize

Your ideal QA analyst understands all angles and works with everyone to provide positive results. They don’t take sides. 

Having the power to put themselves in one’s shoes is so important as they will better understand the how and why behind agent actions, customer satisfaction, and management procedures.

By being able to understand everyone, it will be easier for them to collaborate across the spectrum. An empathetic QA analyst is more effective because they go with the flow instead of up against the river.

As a result, everyone will see the QA analyst as a team member and not the ugly duckling or outsider.

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Finding the right candidate is never easy. With patience and perseverance, the right QA analyst is out there waiting for you. Look carefully over each CV and learn how to spot the quality analyst skills you’re looking for. But most importantly, ask the right questions and listen to your intuition when interviewing.

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