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Success Stories Which Transformed Customers Service QA Processes

At Playvox, we’re passionate about helping our customers succeed. Our QA software is designed to deliver all the right tools, features and support to transform workplaces.

A number of our customers wanted to share their story and help others understand just how QA software has changed the way they work. In this post, we’ll take a close look at their experiences and explore the impact Playvox has made.

Transforming agent motivation for Plesk

Specializing in versatile WebOps services, Plesk found motivating and engaging their agents challenging. With the help of Playvox, evaluating client/agent interactions became a lot simpler, as was delivering more relevant and actionable feedback to agents.
Taking control of their knowledge-sharing workflow, and driving agents to identify and rectify issues was another perk. Integrations with other platforms allowed them to “run [their] entire Quality Assurance program in one place”, with the “major usability [being] that everything is aggregated within Playvox”. Specifically, the Talkdesk integration “brought the Call Quality to the new level of usability”.
“This is a big time-saver for our customers, empowering teams with all the data they need for effective quality assurance in a centralized place.”

Monese’s organization and coaching is better than ever

Organization and transparency are key factors for powerful quality assurance, as the team behind Monese (an innovative banking service) found when using Playvox. Beforehand, they found agent assessment, motivation and management particular pain points.
Playvox helped them create a tighter structure to develop their expanding customer-service team. Evaluating agent performance became much simpler and thanks to the Intercom and Zendesk integrations, the combination of quality evaluations and follow up for coaching and training has become a vital part of their compliance process.

Step Up For Students: The power of centralizing data

Non-profit Scholarship Funding Organization Step Up For Students wanted to centralize quality and performance data for agents and customer interactions. Training and coaching agents became a bigger priority as the number of scholars they served doubled.
Step Up For Students’ administrator Ricardo Santiago praised Playvox as a great system that offers “very easy use.” They have found the software essential for tracking agents’ performance and sharing data with their team across custom dashboards.
Today, Step Up For Students’ overall QA score rose to 94.3 percent and they are able to grade an average of 12 evaluations per agent each month.

Webinterpret’s turns agent evaluations into a collaborative process

For Webinterpret — specialists in plug and play international e-commerce — agent evaluations are more effective and collaborative than ever before.
“Agents no longer have the feeling that they are just being evaluated; they now know they can also participate and have the option to be coached on something they are not doing correctly, or rewarded whenever they are giving outstanding results”.
As a result, Webinterpret saw an instant improvement in productivity, agent motivation, and customer experience.

Dorm Room Movers motivate their agents

Dorm Room Movers (set up to help simplify and streamline the college-moving process) also benefited from Playvox’s motivational capabilities. They utilize the QA software to award agents with badges and points based on their quality and development, which can later be cashed in through the platform’s reward program for tangible prizes.
Agents have become more involved in the entire evaluation process, courtesy of real-time feedback and native messaging, allowing for no-fuss collaboration.
With agents given stronger feedback and goals to hit, Dorm Room Movers has been able to deliver better customer service and reduce their churn rate.

BrowserStack’s Customer Experience Reached a New Level

BrowserStack (known as the most reliable app-testing platform for web and mobile) has greatly improved the quality of their customer experience. Playvox has enabled them to reduce their non-compliance stats at a consistent rate, avoid unnecessary customer-service mistakes and make choices based on actionable data.
Playvox has been a game changer for us ever since we onboarded it as a QA tool for support interactions almost two years back,BrowserStack’s Director of Global Customer Support and InfoSec Support, Prasun Choudhury, said. “Whether it is our products, the support or the overall customer experience, we always look to better it. Playvox has helped us do exactly that. Our 98 percent CSAT is a testimony”.

Quality assurance is critical to identify flaws in your service, find solutions and deliver a higher-quality experience. As our customers’ stories demonstrate, Playvox QA software caters to brands across diverse sectors, empowering them with a fantastic range of tools and features.

Playvox’s integrations and user-friendly design makes gathering data, providing feedback and motivating employees more streamlined and time-efficient.
If you’re looking to take your quality assurance to the next level, feel free to get in touch!

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