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Team Leaders: How to Personalize your Agent Training

According to Peppers and Rogers Group, only “65% of companies provide effective tools and training to their agents.” Harris Interactive reports “…customer service agents fail to answer customer questions 50% of the time.” 

These and similar stats show many agents are not up to the task of adequately servicing customers. This is a problem, and one that needs to be addressed or your business risks losing customers and revenue.

Personalized Training

Personalized training could hold the answer to empowering agents with the knowledge they require to better serve customers. ICMI states “One-size-fits-all training is no longer sufficient to meet the unique needs of agents. They


expect and require training that meets the needs of their specific job role and function within the contact center. To do this, leaders must shift their focus from creating a blanket training program to producing customized learning paths for each contact center role.”

Your agents are only as effective as the skills they maintain and acquire. As a team leader, you know it is your job to groom your agents to become the best they can be. The same goes for QA analysts who evaluate agents and identify improvement opportunities. This all starts with training. Effective training, however, must be personalized to the agent and his/her role and challenges. Just as each of your agents are unique, so too should be your training courses, quizzes and modules.

Skill Deficiencies

Some agents may need improvement in the areas of soft skills or perhaps successfully opening and closing an interaction. Others may need help successfully converting prospects to customers while some may struggle with handling disgruntled customers. The bottom line, however, is you need tools to help you address your agent’s specific deficiencies so you can maintain a high-performing team across the board. This will lead to higher customer satisfaction and retention as well as increased sales conversion rates.


What’s the Solution?

So, how do you accomplish personalized training? There are many tools out there that allow you to create standardized training materials, but you need customization so you can generate and assign specific learning material to select agents. 

You may be wondering if you have the necessary tools at your disposal. The simple answer is, you may not. Many customer service training tools – whether premise or part of a CCaaS solution — have customization limitations. It can be challenging and very time consuming to develop learning content. Therefore, many organizations simply don’t have the ability to tailor lessons to agents. This deficiency limits the business’s ability to provide personalized training. 

The right learning solution will allow training managers and team leaders to create courses and course content easily and quickly — essentially on the fly. You can also enroll and invite agents to take specific sessions according to their unique challenges. Managers can then review their progress and test results and even assign quizzes to ensure learning is retained. 

Creating Personalized Lessons 


With the right learning solution, creating lessons and quizzes should require no IT skills. Your team should be able to easily upload files, images, audio files and videos. Building out the actual content for each lesson should be simple as well. If it isn’t, you are looking at the wrong product. You can create new content right in the content box or cut and paste from existing material (such as PDFs, Word documents, web pages, etc). Links to other content and file attachments can also be added. Courses are auto-saved to ensure nothing is lost.

Your team can copy or edit existing lessons as well if modifications need to be made.

Importance of Quizzes

Each lesson should have an associated quiz attached. Creating quizzes should be similar to creating courses. The quiz builder should support “single choice,” “multiple choice” and “fill in the blank” questions. You should also have the ability to choose how you weight the scores of each question or set default values to equalize weightings across all questions. 


Just like most things in life, personalization is more effective than standardization. Customer service agent training is no different. By pinpointing your agents’ weaknesses and building and assigning content to address those areas is the key to higher CSAT scores as well as both customer and agent retention.

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