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The Quality Assurance (QA) Software For Talkdesk You’ve Been Looking For

You’ve provided a comprehensive CRM platform for your customer service agents to engage on. But how are you monitoring their performance and making sure that all your customer service interactions are successful?


How do you ensure your team is utilizing all the collected customer data to delight and surprise your customers? How do you know if they are really anticipating your customer’s needs?

Playvox is the Quality Assurance (QA) software integration for TalkDesk that you’ve been looking for.

Having quality assurance for TalkDesk helps you track your team’s performance and makes sure they are reaching their target goals.

If you’re looking for a quality assurance integration for TalkDesk, below we’ll review how Playvox’s seamless software can help you train, track, coach and provide feedback to your agents so you can provide a quality customer service you can be proud of.

Create scorecards

To establish a norm of quality, the most objective and transparent way to do so is through scorecards.

Scorecards allow you to evaluate customer service interactions based on the same metrics. Playvox allows you to create different scorecards for different teams and channels so you can make sure that you are providing consistent quality across your different customer touch points.

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Generate user-friendly reports and graphs

Our quality assurance integration for TalkDesk also allows you to generate easy to read reports and graphs so you can track the progress of individuals or your team as a whole.

Say goodbye to trying to analyze data from your excel spreadsheets. Our reporting system allows you to filter information in the following ways:

  • Results by agent: See the total number of evaluations an agent has completed, their overall quality score, how their metrics have progressed over time, and their ranking compared to other team members.
  • Trends by score: See an overview of your team performance and see how they’re doing against establishe KPIs to see who is meeting your quality goals and who is not.
  • Coaching opportunities by questions: As the Playvox platform allows you to directly provide coaching and training opportunities, here you can filter by training question to see all agents who didn’t answer a particular question correctly so you can further train those who need

Our reporting system is a great way to see the visual progress of your team. It’s also much easier to recognize employees who are meeting their goals so you can to reward them. And of course, spot the ones who need a little extra coaching.

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Keep track of your team’s performance

Our performance tool allows your quality analysts and managers to keep track of their team’s established KPI‘s.

Once they set specific metrics for a team, they can see how the team performs as a whole as well as see an individual’s progress. Not to mention, Quality Managers can analyze the evolution of an individual’s performance over time and compare their KPIs to the rest of the group.

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Make learning part of your quality assurance

A vital part of quality assurance for TalkDesk includes making sure everyone has the same level of knowledge so they can provide the same quality of service.

Playvox’s software helps you do just that. Based on the wealth of data collected, you’ll be able to view user-friendly graphs and charts of your team’s progress so you can quickly see where there’s room for improvement.

Make your learnings public so anyone can access them, or make them private for just a certain team or person.

Our learning tools help you create personalized and interactive learnings with videos, links, multiple choice, true or false, and fill in the blank.

Managers and team leaders will also be able to visually see metrics of the learnings they create, including average grade on a test, who is pending, who passed and who failed, all from the same interface.

This makes following up on your agents a total breeze.

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Reward through karma points

Constantly activating the reward center of the brain is a sure way to keep staff members productive and engaged. Assign karma points so agents can earn points for the different tasks completed on the platform.

This means agents can win karma points for meeting their goals, getting a perfect score on their scorecard, participating in a learning session, and getting the answers right.

With all the points they rack up, they can cash their points in Playvox is karma store. Here, you assign tangible or intangible rewards and the number of points needed to claim the prize.

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Quality insurance that integrates with TalkDesk

Playvox’s quality assurance software is an essential add-on for TalkDesk users. Our quality assurance software is seamlessly integrated within TalkDesk so you can rate your TalkDesk interactions and work with your team to improve your customer service.

As you start to grow, ensuring uniform quality customer service is a vital part of scaling successfully. Customers need to know that they can count on you without having any unwanted surprises.

Find out more about Playvox’s quality assurance integration with TalkDesk here.



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