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The Value of Engaging Employees to Improve SLAs

I’m sure you’ve heard the trendy term “gamification” at this point. You might even be using bits an pieces- a friendly (or not-so friendly?) office competition, displaying ranking boards of your employee’s performance. Perhaps you even have fancy dashboards showing all kinds of quality metrics.


Gamification can be defined in very broad terms, often leaving employers to ponder the right angle, if any, to apply to their workforce. And more importantly defining the value and ROI of using gamification tools can be overwhelming.

So, let’s take a step back and really consider not what gamification is, but how it can be applied to call center practices, particularly in service delivery and sales. And what its impact is on employee engagement in relation to executive level goals for quality and performance improvements.


I know, another websomething. But this is a really good one. We even decided to call it a webclinic. Because we have listened to some pretty challenging issues in call centers, and rather than spew information at you, we want to repair, help, and improve the processes that might be going okay in your call center, but could be so much better.

In the video below, Charlene Petrie, Sr Project Manager for Sutherland Global, highlights the value of using gamification strategies to engage her employees to:

  • perform better, reducing call handling times
  • manage work at-home-agents one on community platform
  • hold both supervisors accountable for coaching
  • give visibility of process from executive level down to front-line


Preview of ROI Sutherland has seen by using gamification strategies to increase engagement:


WebClinic Preview:

Project Managers’s Experience Gamifying the Call Center

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