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Transitioning Your CS Team to Remote Work: 7 Must-Read Blog Posts

Figuring out how to transition your CS teams from a brick-and-mortar environment into a work from home job can prove to be a daunting task. As more companies turn to remote work as both a short- and long-term solution, the challenge of how to maintain excellent service quality becomes pivotal.

Regardless of whether your CS teams work from their couch, dining room table, or their home office they should feel empowered to perform their best.

We have gathered our top blog posts around managing remote CS teams to aid in this transition and keep your company working productively.

7 Essentials To Managing Remote Call Center Agents
Explore seven essentials to managing remote call center agents to help you boost productivity, secure stronger results, and enhance your brand’s reputation. 
Call Centers, Don’t be Afraid of Work From Home Programs
Work from home programs have become an appealing option for call center agents. Even with the benefits, there are several challenges that call centers must work through that cause some hesitation or rejection. 
10 Reasons Why You Should Have a Remote Customer Service Strategy
Remote work is a growing trend in the workplace today. More companies are allowing employees to work from home, or hiring workers from all around the world to work on the same team. 
Engage Work At Home Staff With These 5 Best-Kept Secrets
It’s important to maximize the use of the available tools in order to keep clear channels of communication and make work from home employees feel part of a team. 
Tips on Training Work At Home Agents
Call Centers can use different methods when managing remote agents. The first challenge is deciding whether to train them remotely, bring them into the office, or a combination of both. 
Why are Learning Programs for Remote Customer Service Teams So Important
One possible risk of using a remote team is a lack of unity and standardization. You have to make sure you create learning programs for remote workers just as you would for an in-house team. 
Work at Home Agents: How the Right Tech Makes it Work
When supporting work at home agents, the following should be used when deciding what technology tools are most important to help them effectively use their skills, stay in control, manage customers, and minimize stress. 




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